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Bugs on Don't Starve Nintendo Switch Edition


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List of bugs that I noticed when playing Don't Starve on Nintendo Switch( I'm going to group the bugs from not really important to game-breaking):

-Not able to put hammer inside a chest using d-pad(or arrows on joy-cons). There is no ,,store'' button. You need to use ZR button to store it. (not important but annoying)

-Hounds waves spawning outside the map/on the ocean floor. Probably a lot of people noticed that. It can prevent players from gaining materials such as monster meat or tooth. (may disturb some players)

-Music from the ,,night hands'' that try to steal your light staying whole day. After night the music box music keeps on playing. Quite annoying.

-World starting on spring (RoG, Shipwrecked compatible, default world). When I entered the world I notice that dusk is very long. Also the spring soundtrack was playing. Very weird glitch.

-Season changing when entering the caves. Completly game-breaking bug that destroys the fun of playing Don't Starve. I've been a victim of this bug 5 times. This glitch isn't allowing players to explore caves/ruins, make lantern and other stuff. 

-Some parts of the map that I discovered, disappear when exiting and joining the game. Very annoying bug, happened to me several times.


I hope these bugs are going to be patched ASAP. 


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