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Bug: Character flying +2 extra buggies

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AlexXsWx    10

In order to reproduce this bug, you must have parachute cloth and use any style except path of might.

Idea: when you using parachute cloth and mind focus, you moving up for a little. However, using mind focus resets your ability of using parachute cloth, what allows to use them one by one to fly.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Get in middle air (jump)

2. Focus your mind (default CTRL key at PC version)

3. Release mind, press jump key to activate parachute cloth (this should move you up a little)

4. Focus mind again while parachute's opening animation haven't finished yet (this should move you up a little just like previous step)

5. Repeat steps 3-4 with certain timing to fly. Holding left or right during this provides corresponding move as expected.

If imagine this all in normal time flow, it will looks like... Path of the bird?


In location where you get your equipment back (after getting mark of serenity) exists a room where (as far as I get) trains dissapears - the room that I'm talking about locates at right side of visible rails. It is visible only at the map. Your path is laying under that room (you have to move box with light there, but turn light off before moving, otherwise trap will trigger), and there's a decorative light source with small hole in the roof (sized like 3 tiles I guess), SO in that place roof is very tiny. Using mark of serenity I got teleported over that part of roof right into the invisible room, where train succesfully runned me over :D

Also, while I was moving that box with light, I was jumping, climbing and teleporting around it, and got stucked between it and roof. However, mark of serenity saved me.

Sorry for my english, it isn't my native language.

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