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[Graphics] Missing mouse over item crafting menu info boxes


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Missing mouse over item crafting menu info boxes

Steps to reproduce

0. Read my EDIT in description. Might be linked to another issue.
1. Open Crafting Menu
2. Hover over first, last, and middle item, check if has description

Describe your issue

Issue is present in current patch, and has been probably since the Research Overhaul update (perhaps even earlier, I forget).

Basically, during the game, the top, middle, and bottom item in each crafting menu lacks a description/information box when I mouse over. Fixed by pressing the arrow keys, but that just makes the item that takes its place have the same issue.

While the problematic item locations are generally the first and fourth item in each crafting menu, they tend to change on relaunch. One particular game, the only item spot that would show an item description was the bottom most one. Closing the game and relaunching slightly fixed the issue, and now the first and fourth items are back to not working.

It's a particularly odd problem, and kind of annoying. Not sure if anyone else is having the same issue. o_o

EDIT: Also, in this current game, the bugged out Crafting Menu locations are increasing. They seem to be linked to when information boxes of craft-able items don't disappear after mouse-over'ing them. For instance, the fifth slot was moused-over, and then when I moved the mouse it remained until I closed that crafting tab. Now that fifth tab doesn't display item information in the crafting menu.

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