DS Reign of Giants PS3 crash issue with Wickerbottom

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Your PS3 version of the game seems to crash on me when I'm playing as Wickerbottom. I only got to about day 10 when the issue started.  It crashes almost every time the game autosaves, which results in lost progress. The game just freezes and I can't even exit the game without restarting the whole console.

Every other character works fine, only crashes sometimes (which is understandable due to my PS3 being quite old).

I have checked for updates and such too, my PS3 and the game are up-to-date.

Separate from this topic, the caught butterflies still say "Murder" when I attempt to plant them. It still plants them though, so that's not a problem. I have also seen some other minor issues, mostly with sounds but those are not a problem also.

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