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Hot Lava Beta - Toy Shelf Items (Apr 10, 2018 - Sep 18, 2019)

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Instant-Noodles    3098

Hot Lava finally exited Beta and officially launched today!  However, the playset system (i.e. getting 4 random items inside a box) was removed from the game.  In its place, a new system where a random toy shelf item is granted for every star earned was added.

Since the playset system is now gone, I decided to string together the results from all the playsets I opened during the beta into a short ~2.5 minute video:


Finally, as many items were added and removed from the Toy Shelf with the game's launch, I will no longer update the first post of this topic.  This topic can act as an archive of all the items were present in the beta.  Instead, I will be making a brand new topic soon to document the Toy Shelf items in the release version of the game.

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