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[Gameplay] Pig's Carrot Garden


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Pig's Carrot Garden

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Start a new world in Adventure Mode
Head to a Pig Village

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When I arrived at the pig village, I was both pleased and confused to see that one of them must have had a green thumb, and a thing for carrots. I'm not quite sure that many carrots should be spawning that close together. Not that I'm complaining: just because I was confused doesn't mean that I let them keep their veggies :)
I would attach a picture, but for some reason the attachments tab says I don't have clearance :(. Essentially, it was a diamond made up of 9 carrots, placed evenly, but closely together. It was about the size of the clock icon, and the ground beneath it is normal.

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Wow, not a glitch, but a feature, then. I just found a pig flower garden and a pig berry field. I feel strangely proud of their porcine accomplishments. You may not be able to string together a sentence, but you save me from hounds, raise my sanity, and now you can farm...way to go, pigs! Hats for everyone!

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