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Mod Collab MERMAID/Swimming character!

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Siletrea    20

hello everyone! I was recently poking around looking at some Don't Starve fan-art when I stumbled across some really neat fan-arts with characters in don't starve as Mermaids/Mermen...and I thought it was incredibly cool!

then I got to thinking how it could work!

in shipwrecked the main thing is sailing out into the open seas and exploring in ocean based terror waters! but then I got to thinking...what if the difficulty got ramped up even more! with a character that can't be on land for more then a minute without suffocating! a character that needs to swim in the ocean constantly! can dive down to get muscles and catch wobster by hand without tools!

a mermaid!

a mermaid character would be SUCH a breath of fresh air for don't starve players!

imagine! a 10-13 speed in water while a 2-4 speed on land!

low health means the character would need to kite enemies to survive!

upped damage to help survive against ocean creatures!

night-times would be VERY tricky! surviving around luminescent waters or rainbow jellyfish would be a must!

sanity could either be cripplingly low or startlingly high depending on what could give this character sanity buffs as being on land can be fatal so campfire sanity is out

the biggest thing would be having a timed system probably with a text cue as to when the character would need to go back into water whether its a pond or the sea as the character would start losing health if on land past a minute or so (and with low health its even more scary)

basically this mod idea takes the safety of dry land! and turns it against you!

I can do art! but can't code anything original as my mods are essentially franken-coding from other mods

I've done a custom bag before but not weapons or other items

I'd really love to make this a thing for Shipwrecked!

(actually if the Devs are reading this then HI! and can you guys help to make this be a real thing please?...on that same note I don't know if this is even possible... modding rep @Ipsquiggle can you verify if this is even possible to do with Don't Starves engine?...I'm really temped to try to do this (I could do the art) but with no "real" coding knowledge its good to know whats possible in the engine and whats not)

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