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[Performance] Science machine non-researching?


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Science machine non-researching?

Steps to reproduce

off of where yo spawn u need to get the items you would need to make a science machine right away. then build the science machine. then take an item that can be researched and hover it over the science machine. it would not allow you/player to research the item.

Describe your issue

if i build a science machine before the 1st day is over then it will not allow me to reseach anything, it will allow me to make items with the science machine though. please fix because it stinks when u get a headstart and get a science machine on the first day but can only use it half way.

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  • Developer

Yes, we unfortunately changed the research system so that you now build prototypes of items near the Science Machine, and then can build them afterwards in other locations.The ability to put items into the machine to earn research points has been removed.

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