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Mistakes in the German translation

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NoscopeFelix    2,653

I’m going to update this log everytime I find a spelling error or something wrong that’s within the german translation.


1.First the word chest is translated to “Brust” I mean it’s not wrong but it means the body part not a Chest you can store things in. The correct translation would be “Kiste” or “Truhe”.

2.The secound thing I found was a log , it’s translated to “Verarbeitungsprotokoll”, this is the word you use in the IT Branche for logs. The correct translation would be “Scheit” or just “Holz”.

3.Another thing that I found is that all the elegant skins for characters where put into their female for but usually it’s the male form that’s used when both genders are addressed, so for example “die Überlebenskünstlerin” should be changed to “der Überlebenskünstler” and so on and so on.

4.Also the name for the stale food items has to be adjusted from “Alte” to “Alte/r/s” (at least that’s how they solved this problem with wet items).

5.The name of the Dragonfly is “Libelle” at the moment. This translation is perfectly fine ,but I might rename it to “Drachenfliege” just to keep the pun going(I’ll get to the other boss names later).

6.The carrot is translated right now with “Möhrchen” ,this again is ok but the name “Karotte” would be more fitting.

7.(I found these in the pocket edition ,I’m not sure if they are in the other versions) So the Rabbithut and the pighouse are called “Kaninchenstall” and “Schweinestall” . The correct translation would be “Schweinehaus” and for the Rabbitshut “Kaninchenhütte”.

8.Also the sign is called “Zeichen” but it should be “Schild”.

9.The butterfly wings are called “Schmetterlingflügel” but since it’s plural it’s “Schmetterlingsflügel”, small Detail but still.

10.the treeguard is called “Baumwache” but “Baumwächter” would be more appropriate.

11.The pumpkin is still called “Pumpkin” like the English word , the translation is “Kürbis”.

12.the Durian is called “Stinkfrucht” but “Durian” is Fine and maybe still more accurate for it.

13.the mushroomplanter is called “Pliztopf” but that’s kind of wrong because a Topf Is like a bucket, so the name “Pilzfarm” is the right thing here.

14.the name for the pickaxe is “Pickel” but a Pickel is like a small pickaxe the right translation is “Spitzhacke”.

15.the boards are called “Galerie”  , I’m not sure where that comes from to be honest. It would be “Bretter”.

16.the frog is called “Froschlurche” but “Frosch” is right here .

17.the hammer is called “Hämmere”. Hämmere us a verb , the right word is “Hammer”.

keep in mind I’ll keep updating this post!

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NoscopeFelix    2,653
14 hours ago, CharlesB said:

Thanks, we'll pass these along to the translation team

I know this might sound strange but if there was a way to give me a quick overview of the translation and the items, i would gladly take the time to find all the mistakes. 

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