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[Gameplay] Wendy and her ghost / Mandrake bug


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Wendy and her ghost / Mandrake bug

Steps to reproduce

1: Collect Mandrakes during the day (at least 2-3)

2: Wait until sunset for Wendy's twin sister

3: Create a fire

4:Cook and eat all Mandrakes in a rabid succession (Cook->eat->cook->eat->cook....etc.)

5: If mandrakes are timed perfectly to stop during midday, Wendy's Twin sister will follow her for a complete cycle.

6:Wendy will reset by the next following morning.

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I took this picture a little late, last minute thinking that I should post as a Bug, snapped it before sunset as you can see..

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I ate and cooked 3 Mandrakes in rabid succession and this gave me the chance to have Wendy's Twin Sisters Ghost follow me for a whole In-game Day, until the following morning, When she finally went away, she did not spawn for another two nights.. Not sure if its not 100% chance for her to come every night.

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