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CaptainChaotica    6055

Oh you damn well BETTER believe I put fling-os everywhere.  And a lightning rod, but those have such an amazing range I only needed ONE.  Why can't you be more like your big brother Lightning Rod, Fling-O-Matic?  (I used the Lightning Rod Range Indicator mod, which I _highly_ recommend to anyone who can use it. The range only shows up on the screen when you're about to build or plant something, same as with the fling-os.)

I also specifically used the original style instead of the circus one 'cos I figured plain metal would go better with the metal of the lampposts, or at least not immediately LEAP out at the eyes.

However, in my latest project for The Bulider's Thread, I not only managed to build during Summer, but USED some of its worst traits to my advantage!  Here's a sneak peek:


God DAMMIT game, I'm trying to make a "blasted heath where nothing will ever grow again".  Could you stop putting healthy new trees in this area?!

(seriously I didn't plant either of those.  : P)


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Terra B Welch    7849

Wanted to show this off in my mod world(the feast and famine one), I was wondering where the cherry forest island was, turns out it was closer then I thought!

Local area map here, moon island is near too, and I found salt formations between the two islands. But yeah, Cherry Forest is really close to my base! So that makes me feel like this is actually a decent base location, dragonfly isnt far, mactusk is my neighbor, moon island is a short boat trip away and cherry forest island could be easilly bridged to.


Heres a local map in comparison to my base location.


Oh and a zoomed out map for a little more detail.


The wormhole in the dragonfly desert leads to the mosaic, so even Pig King isn't too bad to get to in the event I need gold.
And that's about everything care about. Don't care too much about antlion this run, I'll eventually get the lazy deserter for sanity draining purposes but I feel like I have a reasonable base spot. I'll probably start up a pig and bunnyman farm on the cherry island after I find more gears.

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CaptainChaotica    6055

Nice!  That is really pretty.  And it suits Charlie. :)

Some more random shenanigans from Starvania...


Carolling in the snow during the (as it turned out) short winter, because why not.


The "Cafe Area" in the snow.


SPRING IS COMING, but winter had to get ooooone last snowstorm in.  Because of course it did.


This is how I'm keeping track now, since the hound attacks are CRAZY frequent.  I make the sign after each attack, then after the next one I knock it down, get the exact same board back, and make the new sign on that!  In reality this would be one MESSY board.  : P


Traipsing through the rockland, hi Teenbird don't attack me, la la la la la...


Oh, so you want this fire, do you?  TOO BAD!

(Not quite as fun as that time I went to sleep in the swamp with ONE.  FOOT. "blocking" the fire, and held off the hands all night anyway, but this is still pretty funny.  : P)

No, I don't remember why I put a random alchemy engine out here either.


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CaptainChaotica    6055

Awww.  What a wholesome little fishing trip. :-)   I'm just glad somebody else besides me updated this thread before it fell off the bottom of the SECOND page.  I was about to do something like this:

"Willow doesn't want the flame of this thread to burn out."


" she lit TWO of them to make sure!"

: P

(this was of course a screenshot I already made earlier because I thought it looked cool; but it works well with that caption.  Heh.)

Anyway...Here is my "ruins" from the Builder's Project thread--which is also a bunch of screenshots and snarky comments, so yeah.  For those of you who haven't seen it, I decided to just more or less copy the whole post over, since I think what I wrote the first time works.


Recent seismic disturbances in the land, brought to light something fascinating:  The contents of ancient gravesites from what seems to be a newly-discovered culture.


From this we can tell they definitely had rituals involving their dead, possibly belief in some form of afterlife as well.  Featured here is the grave of a young child, who was buried with some form of small idol.  Whether for sentimental reasons because it was her favourite doll, or because it represented some form of friendly spirit meant to guide her "soul" or the equivalent, we may never know.

Also featured here is an excavated back-scratcher and some form tool?


Further exploration revealed what appears to be old furroughs dug into the earth, like similar irrigation channels found in cultures that plowed by hand and beast of burden only.  So they also had agriculture of some kind.  What they grew we don't know; most likely local vegetables, but those exact cultivars may not exist today.  A few rusty metal and wood implements were found nearby--probably hand tools for turning the soil.

But all of this was only the beginning.  As archaeologists kept digging in the area, they came across exactly the kind of thing those in their profession always dream of but never _actually_ expect to find--a startlingly-intact entire dwelling!


As you can see from Fig. B. here, in addition to nature starting to reclaim the structure as is expected, obviously some kind of external disaster befell this building as well.  Whether it was from natural or Unnatural causes, we have yet insufficient data for a meaningful answer.

The house seems to be made up of a more cozy living area, and a main central one.  It may have been for one rich family and their servants, or it may have been a community dwelling.  Without finding out more about their culture we can't be sure.  Did the child in the grave nearby live in this house, or was she brought here from further away for family reasons or as a last request?

Here is Professor Willow...ummmm....

(Willow taps her foot impatiently)

Professor Willow Higginbotham, to walk you through a more detailed interior view of the site.

(WILLOW:  "Higginbotham"?  That's nowhere NEAR my real name!)

(ME:  We don't _know_ your real last name, and that's what I called you in the Sims, because I needed A surname and that's the first Don't Starvey thing that came to mind.  I think I was conflating "Higgsbury" and "Wickerbottom" at the time, but that's not important right now.)


Anyway, here's Professor Willow Higginbotham and her...assistants? to show you the interior.

Here is the "living room", as the scientists at the site have nicknamed it for now.  As  you can see, they had tables (possibly for eating, possibly for displaying goods for trade?) and the use of pottery/ceramics, but most importantly writing, as evidenced by that scroll on the ground. As civilization-steps go that's one of the later ones, so they must have been fairly advanced.


The hallway, showing a better view of the pottery wheel and disturbingly, more human remains.  Since we know they did in fact bury their dead, this indicates that whatever happened to this place in the past, it happened...suddenly.


The main room, and the most fascinating find yet.  Those animal statues--what do they mean?  Did they worship animal gods?  Was that lectern where the local priest stood when giving sermons?  Or are those honorials to beloved family pets?  Another surprisingly-intact-but-untranslateable scroll was found here as well right next to said lectern, so it might have had something to do with religion or literature.


A better view of what we think are some form of impact sites.  Time has healed much of the damage to the the rock here, but the marks are still visible, even after all these centuries.  What happened here?  Are those marks from missiles shot by unfriendly neighbors?  Did they anger Something from a world beyond?  Or were they just unlucky enough to have really built in the wrong place...

But whatever it was, it left multiple scorch marks and killed a number of people who were seemingly in the middle of their day-to-day lives at the time.  It was probably dramatic, and definitely tragic.


...Willow isn't much of one to stand on ceremony, though.  Since it's her find she gets to name it.  So "Mystery Ruins" it is.  : P  ("I dunno--it's old...stuff happened...there was fire.  Fire's cool.  What's for dinner?")

(record scratch)

Back out of "documentary narrator" character now--I had the MOST fun putting this together, once I had an idea what I wanted to do.  National Geographic-esque style documentary, the Civ games, and using the worst parts of summer (wildfires and the Antlion's sinkholes) _to my advantage_ all came together and I had a HOOT!  :D    Any healthy plants you see here were not placed by me--the game's regrowth mechanic went NUTS after all the summer wildfires in the area.  And YES, I _did_ run down the fuel on one of the best hats in the game just to look like I was "excavating" and "exploring"!  Thanks for noticing.

--I kinda dig how that one skeleton turned out in such a way that it looks like the meteor or whatever slammed him DIRECTLY headfirst into the floor.  XD  DAMN. That is one _metal_ way to go.

--What do you mean, most scientists don't take their pets with them into the field?!

OUTTAKES for this whole thing (stuff that happened while I was building) will be in a seperate post.  SPOILER ALERT:  I kinda died.

....but I got better!  :-)

Mods used:  Pet Statues, Furniture Megapack (Willow's pre-charred table--no chairs because there were none that looked damaged enough) and Evergreens 2gether, and thanks to the Actual Season Randomizer for the fact that most of the building process itself was in summer.  Most things were spawned in with the c_spawn command although sometimes in ingredient-only form; stone walls and floors made by me (or Willow, rather) and the scroll in the main room is actually my Bearger Figure Sketch from when I had to kill him with my traps.  : P  Sinkholes provided by Mr. Antony deLeon of Beverly Hills.


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Terra B Welch    7849

A few character switches(via celestial portal) later in the feast and famine modpack world and I set up a catapult area for Bee Queen plus set up battle helms!

Killed Bee Queen with the catapults, royal jelly is tweaked in feast and famine but I only ended up making jelly beans with this kill's jelly. Maybe I'll make one of the other ones next kill.


The big thing from this for me is the bundling wrap though, I honestly like to get this fight done before ruins now since I can just use the celestial portal and switch to winona to set up the catapults for it, and bundling wrap is really helpful for ruins I feel.

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CaptainChaotica    6055

Some random stuff that happened while I was building the ruins...


First, I had to clear out a Spider Queen from the area.  I didn't get an actual screenshot of that, but here's a re-creation.


Man, teenbird rebellion is rough.  Although, seeing how aggressive the adult ones are towards even their own baby offspring..are we sure the MOM didn't start this?


Afterwards, the teenbirds kept randomly doing this expression sometimes.  I swear, this reminds me so much of the "BUH???" bugged-eyes-out paranoid look-around thing the survivors do when they're going nuts.117fourthnightofsummer.png.0f9544a2f9dc7fa8f46855e5c3999bbb.png

It is. The FOURTH night of summer.  And I'm still shivering.  This...does not bode well.


BEARGER!  BEARGER BRO HELP!!  (I forgot he was that close, but it came in handy many times.)


Doo de doo de doo, making nice squared rocks, nothin' else goin' on, la la la la la...


Ah, nothing like relaxing next to a roaring fire.

Then this happened:


Hounds + darkness + Antlion sinkhole I couldn't see = death.

BUT!  I almost forgot I'd been carrying around this life amulet with me the entire time!  A HA!

(The game FLUNG me diagonally across the entire screen by my neck when I revived; it was pretty hilarious.  XD)


And then it turned fall and the Bearger immediately HATED MY GUTS FOR ALL ETERNITY RAAAARRRRR because I happened to exist in his direction.  After a long all-night chase, this was the final result.

Thanks for the vest, furball.


HE KILLED THE ROAD TREES oh that's it.  I'm _glad_ killed you now.  These guys have helped shade me, shelter me and guide me home since like Day 10!  (You can tell how pissed off he was, by the fact that it was fall but he didn't stop to eat every single birchnut. So at least I can plant their children in their dead parents' places. Man, this got morbid all of a sudden.)

The sound of all the trees going down in quick succession in the dark WAS pretty epic, though.  : P


WINTER IS COMING.  I finally have at least one really good picture for every seasonal transition, now.  :-)  And yes, I planted the baby deciduous trees just in time for them to go dormant.  XD

It's now the next summer, is how much further I've played since then.   Heh.



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CaptainChaotica    6055

Whaaaat...?  What even IS that?  I am so confused.  Where does the bright blue come in, and what are the bumps?

(I assume it has something to do with a mod you're working on, probably.  Since you're also the one who had Willow on a cherry island surrounded by gloops.  : P)


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Terra B Welch    7849

A little bit of experimenting with dragonfly, I wanted to think of a way to get the 2nd scale as wendy with her new update.

Even with a dark sword and night damage on abigail(via nightshade nostrum) as far as I can tell you're about 10 damage shy of a knockdown(at about 115 damage), but if y'all don't mind a little celestial portal use it doesn't take much to get the sisters over the 125 damage threshold to knock dragonfly down.

All it takes is a single chili flake spiced food, the 20% extra damage gets wendy just over the threshold to get the 2nd scale! Now I have a reason to switch to Warly in my feast and famine world.



I just felt like sharing this, sometimes I just set up a test world to experiment on ways to do things in my legit worlds.

Edited by Terra M Welch
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Terra_Zina    5868
8 minutes ago, bruhmoment23 said:



I honestly have no memory of why I needed those lmao

(it was taken shortly after year of the hound, I think 2 years ago)

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