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minespatch    71381


Due to not grabbing enough carrots during my playthrough of @Xenologist's playthrough, I starved. During my long trek of a diet of seeds and carrots, I managed to get two mourning glories by helping a pipspook. Cute lil' guys. Wouldn't mind helping them as either Wilson or Wortox but oh well. Not enough time to make a sistern since I needed to make dinner.

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Terra M Welch    3902

A friend of mine and I were trying a silly idea involving a "trollsome mob pirate boat", we were trying to find a mob that would attack from one boat to another. The only mob we found that worked so far was mactusk. So I had a mactusk pirate boat and we took out a boat full of wigfrids(I blew it up after the mactusks killed the wigfrids)



It's a little janky though, you have to be just in the right spots for the mactusks to actually fire at the other players otherwise they just run around the edges of the boat and waste time, skittersquids also get in the way of this.

As for how both my friend and myself weren't being attacked by the mactusks, if you give a player the "NOTARGET" tag it makes mobs never target that player and as such never attack them, allowing a player to steer a boat full of mobs towards unsuspecting victims :)

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Terra M Welch    3902
49 minutes ago, Hornete said:

Little baby island. Nice and Relaxing.

GIF 2020-03-23 11-09-36 AM.gif

I need to replay the cherry forest mod at some point, maybe whenever I attempt a proper playthrough of Tosh's feast and famine mod.

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Canis    11997
13 minutes ago, mathem99 said:

Oh... goodness me!


The only situation anywhere ever that childbirth is done with a smile on the mother's face.

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Charlie Dark    3047

I successfully rushed the ruins this time. I swear to god I would have gone there sooner, but of course I couldn't find a cave entrance. And when I did arrive into the ruins, oh the nightmare light just spawned 4 terrorbeaks and I had to bail. Then, the other day I was hunt down by shadow splumonkeys... 


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CaptainChaotica    5148

I have an island like that on my world too!  I just haven't actually been ON it yet (haven't made a boat in that area).


That's it over there, with the bushes.  Hee.

That's an adorable gif, Hornete..but what I'm the most concerned about is that the water keeps going GLOOP with big tall _sticky_-looking green gloops.  What the BEEP are those fish swimming in... XD

Anyway, actually new pics:


"Spring Berry Harvesting", Oil on Canvas, 201920.


I'm a good (virtual) cat-mommy.  I keep the darkness off my kitty.  :)


Willow,  Charmander and Chester place hide 'n' seek among the trees.  In case you ever wanted to know what happens when you just let those bigger-trees mods (Big Birchnuts Together and, in this case, Evergreens 2gether) run loose for a while?  THIS!  This is what happens!  XD

But _look_ how much more of a proper truly wild, untouched wilderness forest it looks like this way!  I can put up with some screen-blockage for THAT.  This just makes it feel that much more abandoned-wilderness-y.


Hi, pig house that wouldn't be here if I hadn't deliberately rebuilt it after the entire village got stomped by Deerclops in the very first winter!  (waves) How ya doin'?  You're alone for now, but that'll change...


HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! (which is the day I originally took this, no joke)  Have a whole screenful o' GREEN!  Willow is even _wearing_ green for the occasion!  No, that isn't just my favourite Year of the Whatever outfit that I'm still wearing from way earlier because the event went on forever...what are you talking about...?

(seriously this is the greenest freaking picture I've ever taken in this game, OR singlplayer RoG.  : P)


O Great Moon Goddess, please accept these humble offerings of the spring harvest.

(You can't tell, but there's actually a decent amount of stuff in each pile.  Also I love how even the mole is chilling with us.  XD)


My, what a serene picture.  You can barely even TELL we were dodging death-dogs literally a second ago!  : P


ATTACK of the KILLER CHERRY PETAL!  Coming this summer to a theater near you!



Edited by CaptainChaotica
stupid extra words. you go squish now!
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CaptainChaotica    5148

I wish _I_ could do that when I was bored.  Unfortunately, my modding skills don't exist...

Man, those are SCARY hot springs. It's like, "Come, relax in our geysers!"  : P

Also I keep thinking of those farting poison gas holes from Shipwrecked for some reason.  XD


(this is actually from when I was using (an old version of) the "Tropical Experience" mod, which is why we've got RoG summer lighting here instead of the OH MY GOD THE WORLD HAS A SUNBURN OW Volcano-season lighting...)

aka "Wickerbottom's Summer Vacation".  : P

But anyway, that's awesome.  And I think I'm actually subscribed to a couple of your mods, too!  :)


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Terra M Welch    3902

Been playing a little modded playthrough with the main mod of focus being @Tosh's Feast and Famine mod.

Mod list in spoiler


Gem Core
Feast and Famine (Main focus)
Legion (Due to feast and famine compatibility)
Beefalo Milk and Cheese (Due to feast and famine compatibility)
The Black Death (Caught my interest)
Cherry Forest (Wanted another island to sail to, felt moon island was a little lonely)
Witching Hour (Another mod that looked interesting to me, and I liked the whole story of the Erudite moving to the constant)
Additional Equipment Fixed (A fork by Tosh)
Mushroom House (Obligatory excuse to not have to live in oasis or caves and not have to build a bajillion flingos, also just wanted to try it.)

A couple pics of me just having survived winter, and the only turnip that showed itself is the one in that farm plot in the first pic. So sorry Tosh, but I did not end up on a diet of turnips my whole winter. >.>

Heres the exterior, everything outside will be around one flingo.


...and the interior! Currently a WIP, all I gotta do for a shadow manipulator is farm nightmares at this point, I just never let myself get insane yet.


Regardless I wanted to try a proper playthrough of sorts with Feast and Famine, and I guess this is said playthrough. It's been fun so far! :)

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Terra M Welch    3902

A couple screenshots again, now that I've gone through an ingame year. This is the same world as the last pics, playing the feast and famine modpack.



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CaptainChaotica    5148

And now for something completely different!  (off-key fanfare plays.  Or in other words, just let Wigfrid say anything.)

My First Days with Wendy and Abigail, Post-Rework

This is Wendy.  C'mon, Wendy!  Wave for the nice people!



Oh, come on, you know you wanna wave.  Just a little wave?


WENDY:  There.  I waved.  Happy?

Next to her is Abigail.  Abigail will not be waving.

She has no arms.

Let's continue on with our adventure!  And what should we find next, but


HOLY CRAP THE BEEFALO ON DAY ONE.  !!  Okay that's it.  I'm'a definitely keep _this_ world.


Wendy murders a living thing so she can enslave its unborn children at her own future home--I mean, gets a couple apples to start her own apple orchard.  (The mod is called "Birds and Berries" for short--I hadn't used it in a whlie and felt like busting it out again.  It's also where the purple berry bushes and pineapple bush in the other pictures came from.)

Also that bird REALLY wants everyone to look at it.


Nothing to see here--just a little girl in Victorian mourning wear and her dead sister, running together through a swamp at dusk.  With a rusty scythe.

(And no, rock, I don't care HOW many times you say "Mine", that scythe is not yours.  : P)


WENDY:  HA HA HA HA HA EVERYTHING'S ON FIRE ow...I shouldn'tve tried to pose like this...that's Willow's thing...


WENDY: Awww, Abigail's already making new friends!  That's nice.  La la la la la! (picks petals)


Ha ha I only realised AFTER I took the screenshot, that we have fireflies right smack in our camp.  Like, by the firepit.

So, you guys, uh...ever consider spending the rest of your pathetic, ephemeral little lives inside a mining helmet, as a career move?

...just asking.

...for a friend.

And that concludes our first week.  Join us next time, when we...will probably go back to Willow's world, as that's the one I was playing most recently.  But I do definitely plan to come back here.

Well, it's almost dinnertime, so I gotta go make sure I don't feel strave. See ya!


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Terra M Welch    3902

A couple more screenshots of the feast and famine modpack world! I decided to take out dragonfly via the means i know how.

Brought some football helmets, a ham bat, pan flute and healing salve, oh and I decided to let abigail assist in this kill! I brought spectral cure alls for her incase I needed them, which I did need a couple.


Abigail really speeds up the solo kill for dragonfly now, this only took me about a day to do whereas it would normally take about 2-2.5 ingame days for me to do a solo as wendy. Abigail's petal debuff really speeds this fight up. The one big problem is that abigail can also interrupt putting dragonfly to sleep, so be VERY careful when she enrages! Make sure abigail isn't attacking her when you use the pan flute!

Anywho, I had already planned on the location of my scaled furnace in my house, which I have named "The lovely house of famine" for anyone curious.

My new furnace looks lovely in my kitchen.


Now to head back to where I let bearger wander and use her as a glorified woodcutting tool again... but that's for when I continue this world.

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CaptainChaotica    5148

Wow...THAT'S creepy.  I gotta remember to make a couple Telltale Hearts and leave them out at nighttime then.

9 hours ago, Charlie Dark said:

My own private island! (mods included)ca.thumb.PNG.2278adb8168f5c7f860f448ca1d617b3.PNG

Ohmygod, that is the CUTEST little minibase ever.    And the cherry tree can provide shelter AND food!  :)

(wait, I don't see a lightning rod.  If it's spring you're gonna want one NOW.  I mean, even if it is just a little supplemental base.)

Charlie and delicate little flowery scenes just kind of..._work_, together.  Like:


(the second one with the green kitties is from the "Tea and Trees" mod, which unfortunately doesn't work anymore.  Somewhere around here I also have a picture of Charlie starting her brand-new base right amongst the peach trees, but I can't find it right now.)

Anyway let's check back in with Willow and Charmander!


(sings) One of these things is not like the others,
Which one is different?  Do you know?
Can you guess which thing is not like the others
And I'll tell you if it is so!

(and if the lyrics don't seem quite right, it's because there are different versions of the song and this is the one _I_ learned as a kid.  : P)

So, that dimly-lit picture was from daytime...


...and THIS is the dead of night!  Holy smoke!  (literally)  Lookit that clock in the corner--that doesn't seem right!  

Anyway, Willow thought it best to bring all the diverse colours of the world together... FIRE.  XD

(aka I thought the "Summer Lounge", my secondary base just off to the right there, could use a few drying racks.  : P)

And yes, the Antlion had to get in one last temper tantrum RIGHT before it turned fall!  Didn't get anything I cared about, though, didja?  No, you didn't!  Not even the road!  Try again next summer, SUCKA!


This is the area where I keep my nearby trees that you ARE allowed to chop down (I have some that you're not--the Shelter Tree, my old Winter's Feast one, the cherry trees (more useful alive) and the ones around the Carrat Shrine).  But really I took this because it looks like Mommy Tree took her triplets to work with her.  XD 


(blinks as the sun rises) WHOAH!  Has my base _always_ been this colourful? Or does the sun right after it rains have a certain slightly different quality to it in this game?  Either way, that is gorgeous.  And most of this picture is CANON game stuff!  Only modded thing shown here is the cherry trees.


The early stage of my Pig Village for the "Builders' Project" thread.  You know that one pig house that was in this area?  Well he has friends now.  :)


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Charlie Dark    3047

@CaptainChaotica Thanks a lot! I remember seeing this cherry blossom tree mod from you, also umm.. I perished in that test world.. sadly well I don't normally USE CHEATCODES in "main worlds" I promise. I just wanted this one to take a screenshot 

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