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LEX-7O2    99
On 10/31/2019 at 3:36 AM, MilesUpshore said:

Good news! A mod configured for circular farms is released, so if you want to replicate it heres it!

Also aerial view mod helps for better placement

Yeah, I saw the mod, sucks that all my hard work of doing it manually is gone now that anyone can replicate it. :(

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metallichydra    2360
14 hours ago, Canis said:

Posting this here since @GetNerfedOn and I are posting screenshots of our misadventures on here recently.

Does any forumite want to join said misadventure? We're lookin' to bring more friends along for the ride. If you want to be a mod character you can go right ahead as long as it isn't doo doo OP. 

Nerfed hosts the server in the Phillipines around 9:30 PM PST (US-W time).

im probably in another timezone, far far away:wilson_cry:

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GetNerfedOn    5629
36 minutes ago, metallichydra said:

im probably in another timezone, far far away:wilson_cry:

Sad, but understandable.

Anyways, here's the highlight of today's run:


So Autumn of the third year came, and with it the Bearger:


we minimized our effort as much as possible due to our lack of armor and healing, and led it to 4 Spider Queens, a Treeguard and a hound wave. Right before the hounds hit, the bear gave us a mighty dilemma by sitting in our berry bushes and devouring our berries. Aggroing would trigger a devastating ground pound, and I thought of a solution on the fly:


After leading the Bear away from our base, and letting the hounds soften it some more, i went in for the kill:


And, predictably, got killed:


However, the dumb beast ate the monster meat in my inventory and died.

See, kids, this is why you don't binge junk food!


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Seero    852
5 hours ago, Seero said:


This image is a bit old and I don't know if i've uploaded this before but solo DFLY as maxwell!



Update: just Speedran dfly for the first time!

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Terra B Welch    4215
On 11/11/2019 at 12:24 AM, S19TealPenguin said:

And right next to it we have the home of the Constant's biggest killer of overconfident players.

Or yknow... The constant's biggest killer of newbies who don't look where they're running.

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