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NeddoFreddo    1078

Was rushing the quacken, and then I saw this ... ?


No idea if this is a bug or not, but it's interesting regardless.


On the topic of quacken rushing, first attempt took me 7 whole trawlnets before it finally spawned. No walking cane.
Second attempt went much smoother, 3rd trawl net on day 4, and a cane to boot.



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Tapirus    2087

When you try to survive the first day in Hamlet, but in a lazy (and naughty) way, so you see a Poison Dartfrog and you convince him to follow you (simply by touching it with a Machete) to some Royal Guard (making him lose his Halberd and then burning the frog), and therefore, now you got 2 tools + 1 light source (without craft nothing yet)...



Also, I noticed the quote of Wilson about Maxameleon was changed in the last update (from "I already don't like that guy." to "Hey, come back!" now):


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__IvoCZE__    9467
11 hours ago, Pab10Suarez said:

so sad we need more toys :C

One time my lake didn't fill up so fast in summer, so I started spamming cry emojis... ( in the rain )

then the lake filled up and i was kinda happy ( like meh hahah meh happy ) because before that a lightning struck me

and i died... beefalo was on fire, everything was burning and then the beatiful base i made there burned down too.

I was so sad that I rollbacked and filled the lake with salty tears.


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DatShadowJK    2411
17 minutes ago, fimmatek said:

Good bye Winter's Feast, it was nice celebrating! Thanks for the gifts!


I didn't want Winter's Feast to end...

all good things come to an end

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