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Terra B Welch    9224

A few more screenies from Twin Isles(friend's mod world)

My friend mainly spent summer in the ruins, clearing it out.

Random budding chef quote of the... day? Rope. Yes I referenced Morshu.


I spend a couple summer days finally killing Bee Queen, bundling wrap was long overdue. Thanks to the abundance of reeds in this world getting papyrus for honey poultice wasn't too hard.


I also learned the hard way. 30 seconds of full moon isn't enough for a star caller's staff to become a moon caller's staff.



The above pics were my attempt, oh well, guess I'm waiting 20 days for a moon caller's...

I mainly spent most of summer getting stuff for Pearl's island ready, with the bundling wraps getting a flower salad and cactus flowers ready for Pearl is pretty easy.

Lastly, have another budding chef quote, this time for invalid item in container response.


You want me to put seeds in a salt box? Make me!

That's all for now, Autumn has arrived, we plan to kill bearger, friend will continue with ruins after while I get the rest of the stuff I need for pearl's island finished up.

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Terra B Welch    9224

A big ol' bunch of screenies of twin isles(friend's mod world) for the like... one person who cares, but whatever it's fun to share!

I spend autumn finishing up the rest of the pearl checklist then proceed to help her up to friendship level 8.



After doing that I quickly return home to get the moon callers staff and spend the rest of autumn farming.




After Winter arrives, I complete the last two tasks needed to get the pearl(cleaning out the shell clusters and giving her a breezy vest) just before the three days of light's out.


The sun makes its leave again as I dock back on the mainland.


Shortly after my docking I'm paid a visit by an unwelcome guest. Wolfgang helps in killing her.


Day 303, the first day of lights out.


Day 304, the second day of light's out, I prepare for some winter farming via star caller's staff.


Day 305 marks the last day of light's out, of course hounds decide they want to be a bother too.


Eventually a brief bit of dusk appears once more, I take this time to quickly trade some rotten potato seeds with pig king for sweet potato seeds.


Middle of the night farming, now with Wolfgang learning what a sweet potato crop is!



Day eventually returns. Not like it mattered for the crops thanks to the dwarf star.


Eventually crops grow.



After spending the last couple days of winter hammering down the giant crops for their produce and storing it in salt boxes/ice boxes, winter finally ends again and spring arrives.


I guess in terms of RoT stuff we've just crab king and archives left to do now, and considering friend cleared out most of the ruins we're on our way to the endgame. I think friend already wants to prep for misery toadstool(understandable as glowcaps would be nice for the basement)

That's all for now!

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Terra B Welch    9224

I got a new PB on "Solo dfly rush on random public servers" Day 5!


I don't really care to upload these to here anymore, but with the PB I had to, I always get that itch to kill dfly on pubs every now and again.

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Baguettes    367


Finally, she's dead. At my own hands. I don't think I can solo her without catas, though.. unless there's other tactics like the long wall that I do not know how to use.

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Terra B Welch    9224

A few more screenies from Twin Isles(friend's mod world)

Fast forward to summer as spring was pretty uneventful as was most of summer(mainly just prep work, and me smashing down rabbit hutches so friend can prep bunnymen for their Bee Queen fight)

I find Crab King rather quickly into searching, I ended up preping some boats for the fight later.


Also found one of the waterlogged biomes and proceeded to start cleaning out the spiders, getting tree nuts and harvest the figs.


A dummy boat I made to ram the trees had a tree nut fall on it.


Also found one spot to place one of the seeds, I hope it's not too close to land.


That's all for now!

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Mike23Ua    14497

Are we allowed to post Hamlet screenshots here? I mean it can’t be anymore confusing or misleading as people using Mods right??

okay well if I CAN post Hamlet screenshots here is my second favorite character in the DS franchise making a nice Cozy pad.


Bean Bag chair, Surfboard propped against the stuff cabinet, it’s a work in progress.

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Terra B Welch    9224

More screenies of twin isles(friend's mod world)

Winter arrives, and of course winter means the sun leaves.


Some chatter about me joking about the origin of SCP-1689



Day 373 marks the first day of light's out this time.


Day 374 is day 2 of lights out, I grow crops by dwarf starlight.


Day 375 is the final lights out day.


and Day 376 marks the sun's return.


Day returns proper, more crop farming is done so friend can have an over-abundance of carrots for rabbit hutches!



Friend mentions that we're low on monster meat, so of course the game's response for that is sending us hounds.(Also accidental budding chef twigs quote!)


That's all for now, spring arrived, dunno what's going to happen for this spring but that's for a later date!

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Baark0    1776

Cursed worldgen:


This incredibly small river


A deciduous biome without a glommer statue


And finally a pig torch setpiece (which the world regenerated before this one ALSO had a pig torch setpiece)

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AlternateMew    936

I would like to take a moment to share a my casual veteranness. image.thumb.png.56d5f55e741269564e1eb6ca135a305c.png

I have killed Deerclops out of annoyance, seen frogs and beefalo obliterate Moosegoose, and watched poor Bearger die numerous times. That's uh... that's it, as far as bosses go. And that is my beautiful set piece base. I did not know at the time that shadow bosses were a thing. It just looked cool. I'm so organized. Look I put clothes/tools on the left and stackable stuff on the right!

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