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grave digger items - new abilies!

Grave digger Items should all have effects?  

36 members have voted

  1. 1. Grave digger Items should all have effects?

    • Yes - Every graveitem should have some (silly) effect attached to it.
    • No - Grave Items should only give you gold via the pig. The red gem is enough.

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Luigisopa    10

... I really like the sound of these abilities, it gives them a meaning. :)

Thanks!I opened a poll for it...

Oh! one more thing!Keep in mind that we don't want the game to be too easy...We need to keep it rogue-like!

How does this make the game easier?.. except for the marbles the item effects are quiet "low powered". :-)

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buttercup    71

I quite like this! Earlier I was thinking that the marbles could give you a sanity boost, because "losing your marbles" and yeah. Can't lose your marbles when they're right there in your inventory!

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blitz4    10

I think it would be awesome if every grave digger item had a special/ interesting/ silly ability to give to the player or the surroundings... That would make the grave digging more fun...

Here are my ideas:

Gnome - changes the turf to a random turf when placed on ground

Fake Kazoo - changes the characters voice to a different characters voice for one minute

Tiny Rocketship - can be set on fire to let it explode (similar to fire hound dying, but with fireworks :D)

Second-hand Dentures - when carrying in inventory every eatable item next to it can be eaten twice as fast

Lying Robot - when lying on the ground he blinks if enemies are around (like a neat beacon effect)

Dessicated Tentacle - when placed on swamp biome it lures tentacles (movable tentacles --> nice :D)

Mismatched Buttons - can be used to make a snowman in winter! (charcoal, buttons, carrot, snow turf)

Hardened Rubber Bung - when carrying around it won't rain (if rain gets implemented)

Ball and Cup - give it to a pigmen a see him fail at playing it --> for the laughs xD

Frazzled Wires - sparks when you get close to one of the teleporting pieces!

Gord's Knot - can be disentangled but the animation will last 1 day xD; after disentangling it heals your sanity completely + gives you one rope :D

Melty Marbles - when carrying around it reduces item % so axe, spear etc. will last longer...

So guys tell me what you think. Any tweaks needed? ^^

Great idea! The pig king shouldn't give you any gold for these items (1 gold at most), you don't really need gold for anything, so why have so much. There's rumors of skulls appearing in the graves, i dunno what they're planning on doing with these items. If the devs have time to do this, after some of the more important items on their todo list, more power to them - (it does sound like a lot of work).

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