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DS & DST Minimize to Desktop Every 5 Minutes on Linux


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Basically, same as this thread. Affects both Don't Starve & Don't Starve Together, and I've noticed this since the Linux ports were first released. I've tried it on three different Linux distributions, and it affects all of them. It also isn't specific to any graphics vendor, as I can vouch that personal testing reveals the same issue with AMD, Intel, & NVIDIA systems. This makes the game somewhat difficult to play on a desktop environment which supports minimizing (such as GNOME), so the only solution I've been able to come up with so far is to run the game with a tiling window manager instead, so that minimize events are ignored.

Basically, the game keeps sending a minimize signal to itself every 5 minutes. I can provide video evidence if requested, but it's fairly easy to replicate (just play the game for ~5 minutes).

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