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The March of Civilization--Now With Agriculture!

The Agricultural Revolution!  

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  1. 1. Should I continue this thread onto Year 2, or put it into a new thread for clarity?

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    • Nah, I'm down with scrolling.

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CaptainChaotica    4,311

I think it's a parrot.  It came with the Birds and Berries and Trees and Whatever with Friends mod; or rather the tweaked version made by the same person who made the Megarandom stuff:  "My Birds and Berries" (same stuff but a cut-down amount of it, for more reasonability).  That's also where that darker blue bird, the lavendar one and the kind of mustardy-coloured one come from.

Thing is, the new birds are just ADDED to the original Don't Starve avian population, rather than replacing anything, which is why you were like " many birds...!" when you were on this server recently.  : P


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CaptainChaotica    4,311

Okay, let's dive back into this!


Black hole sun, won't you come/And wash away the raaaaiin...aka WHY IS IT SO DARK IN SUMMER?! geh


You find yourself in a mysterious forest--all the trees have been turned to stone, perhaps by some unknown dark magic. Command?



You continue onward through the Forest of Stone and are relieved to see life and greenery return to the world after a while, but something alarming happens--even in the rain, a tree suddenly bursts into flame!  The rain must be volatile somehow!  You have to find shelter quickly!

(Seriously this actually happened--that is not a lightning strike.  That is a summer WILDFIRE, happening not only when the tree is still wet but while it's _actively being rained on_!  W.  TF.)


I do not understand "again".



You see nothing else catch on fire as you travel further west, yet you still worry about what this strange rain is doing to your skin.  But, a lucky find--the local deadly bees have killed a turkey!  Since there are no carnivores in the immediate area, the carcass is still intact on the ground and relatively fresh. 

You are hungry and must now eat a meal or lose 3 Endurance Points.

(blatantly not true--look at her stomach icon up there.  XD  Still, couldn't resist.)


The Turkey is now in your Backpack.


It is now nighttime.  You can light a Normal Fire, which will allow you to cook your food.  Or you can make a Cold Fire, for relief from the merciless summer heat.  Which do you want?  You can also choose not to light a fire at all...


...okay...A shadow-hand comes out of the darkness towards your fire, but is confused!  Good going, adventurer!


You have travelled non-stop for a day and a night, and are exhausted--but you have arrived back in your home territory.  However, an alarming sight greets you--the local savannah is catching fire!  Luckily it spreads no further and the Beefalo herd is unharmed, but you hope the summer is over soon, or else you will lose all your resources.


I do not understand "great"


(how the player feels right about now)

(In reality it was only a few seconds before dawn and everything was fine, but I liked how DRAMATIC this picture was with _just_ the shadow background so...)


You have travelled to the Birch Forest, to visit the King of Pigs.  On the way, you see that the local pigmen have decorated up their houses for the Year of the Varg!  How festive!


You pose valiantly in front of one of the decorated houses, never minding how much this makes you look like a tourist.

Your Familiar is now hungry and must eat something, or else annoy you for the rest of time.


Another quiet night by your two fires (?!)  All seems fine now, but you worry about how much worse this planet's unnaturally harsh summer will get.  The season is only a few days old!


You have saved your game.


Thanks for playing!


And no, I'm not going to keep doing's just that when I looked back at the screenshot of Walani in the Forest of Stone it suddenly looked like a strange mystical setting you might run into in a D&D campaign.  Or an old text adventure.  Or a gamebook.  So I decided to write this entry like all three.  : P

I only regret that I didn't manage to _also_ fit in a Nethack-esque:  "You stop.  Your little Cat is in the way!"  Heh.


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minespatch    60,578
5 hours ago, CaptainChaotica said:


You have travelled to the Birch Forest, to visit the King of Pigs.  On the way, you see that the local pigmen have decorated up their houses for the Year of the Varg!  How festive!

That pig house is different! Is that a mod?

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CaptainChaotica    4,311

Yep!  It's the Spring Festival mod.  Seemed like the right time to bust it out--or rather, roughly two weeks ago did, which is when I think I started using it.  Roughly.

And it's not just one design!  There's actually multiple festive pig house types.  And a pretty different crock-pot!  And a wardrobe with flowers on it.  And if you activate this mod at world-gen (which I did not), there's all these cute little packages of random festive stuff around, like treasure chests that don't blow you up.  :)

(I had way too much fun writing that last entry.  XD  Mind you, I've actually written full-length Choose Your Own Adventure type things.  And then programmed them into an interactive form.  Twice, in one case...)


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CaptainChaotica    4,311

OKAY!  Time for the next chapter...finally.  Sorry I took so long; I haven't been feeling that great and I had a stressful event earlier this week...anyway.  PICTURES!


You find yourself standing in a meadow.  To the north are birch trees and grass.  To the south is--

NOPE, nope. We're not doing that anymore.  The author promised.



Can I just--



So, let's check in with our local birch trees for the weather report!  Good, good...looks like a shorter summer this year, then.  (10 days instead of 15).


Dear god.  Beefalo vs. hounds vs bees...and everything's on fire.  Ah, summer!  :D  (Can I have that honeycomb if you're not using it, beefie?)


Did you know, that if you're asleep when the Antlion attacks, you get NO WARNING AT ALL?  Nope.  Nothing.  No previous tremors, no of those sinkholes there used to be a tent.  Now it's a pile of ingredients. (some of which were moved)

This is also the first day of fall as you might've figured out by the lighting, so that brings us into...


--Some more agriculture knowledge:  You may now make buckets o' poop.
--Tail o'three cats (whips)
--Stone walls.
--Crock Pot--stews also go back several thousand years.
*You may now also adopt pets the legit way, as most (all?) of the recipes to get them require a crock-pot dish.
--Glommer can be gotten whenever you can, same for Chester.
--Rain hats--after all, they're technically made out of something from nature (moles) and folding umbrellas of any kind won't be available for quite a while.  (How did we spend the hunter-gatherer spring, then? DAMPLY.)

--Beeboxes! The Ancient Egyptians cultivated honey.
--Papyrus (NYEH heh heh!), feather pencils, and signs (both kinds).  Say HELLO to writing! YAAAY!
--Books can be read/written now.
--Currency is invented--you may now trade with the Pig King.
--Sewing kits.  Actually bone needles go back as far as the "caveman" days...but the first METAL needles were invented around the early Bronze Age.  And the sewing kit needle _looks_ metal...even though it's actually made out of teeth. :p

--Mushroom planters (more farming!)
--Pitchfork to grab any decorative flooring you see around. You don't know how to process the materials to make your own yet, though.

So..let's go!


WRITING!!  :D This opens up a _bunch_ of new stuff on the civ tech tree!  ;)  Also:  Welcome back to Starvania--officially.  For the first time since February 2017.

Also also: Stone walls!  Now it looks like a _building_.  Ish.  As much as a Don't Starvian structure can, considering the lack of roofs 'n' all.  Yeah yeah, stone walls may be _strategically_ useless (although...maybe not...I've noticed that the Deerclops, for one, seems to prioritize stomping walls over anything else, giving you more time to save the more valuable stuff!) but DAMN if they don't make a place _look_ more Official and Civilised.


"The Management" being only me I doubt the sign'll actually stop people, but, ya know...

Meanwhile, this:

wesoftheshadows.png.17471bdc3a3eb59da8a97009ce0cfc74.png if only I actually played Wes...


Shaaaaving the bee-fa-looo, gonna make me a haaaaat...

(And just in time too, judging from the freezy thing on the screen there.  Only PSYCH! it's another uber-long fall. That's from the rain only.)


They always look so _sad_ the next day, too...

NON-SHAVED BEEFIES:  (laugh at them)


Awwww...  Me, Fluffbutt, Chester, Glommer--even Table! The gang's all here!  :)  (The Stagehand was a permanent part of my base in the original Starvania too, so I specially lured it back with me with a torch one night.  Following me around at night and scaring visitors half to death is a Starvanian _tradition_!...of slightly over a year.  Still a tradition.  : P)

Different crockpot and wardrobe skin courtesy of the Spring Festival mod, which seemed appropriate to activate during the Year of the Varg.  Yay.


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minespatch    60,578
15 hours ago, CaptainChaotica said:

Welcome back to Starvania--officially.  For the first time since February 2017.

5948b31c206a4_Chaoticaamongstarvania.png.90966e100631f22a2adaa6b3b0019366.pngYes, this classic.:wilson_sneaky:

Except it should probably be Walani now.:wilson_ecstatic:

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CaptainChaotica    4,311

I remember that!  That's adorable.  Now if only I ever actually, like, fought the Antlion, and HAD any glass castles around to decorate with...

Although next year I will make some marble statues to decorate the base with--and start wearing my new TOGA, yaaayyy!  The old version of the "civilization"


had those too, and things look _so_ much more Greco-Roman with some nice marble around...

(EVIL VENN DIAGRAM OF SATANICNESS ON THE GROUND.  WHAAAAAT DOES IT MEAAAAAANNN? it means I put my fling-o-matics in perfectly interlocking areas. Chill.  LITERALLY! (ba-dum-tish!))

To be fair, this is a Huge instead of Large world this time and both deserts are WAY the freak far away.  It's a several-days trip there and back.  With a shorter summer it's kinda not even worth it!  : P  (Although I was considering it during spring because cooked cactus + my constant rainy-day sanity issue.  Heh.)


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CaptainChaotica    4,311

Of course!  It's well-documented.  : P  Seriously though I didn't put those guys down for decoration until WELL past the hunter-gatherer stage.  Yeah, they don't work for Ancient Romans or whatever either, but, hey.

I suppose if I really wanted to justify it I could say that they're little idols of household gods or something.  Ignoring the fact that they're made out of plastic..but a lot of stuff in this challenge isn't perfect in terms of what substance it is/looks like, anyway.  Don't Starve and Civilization are only cousins from different branches of the Game Evolutionary Tree rather than siblings, after all.  ;)  And that's not even counting the things that will NEVER fit into an even semi-realstic tech tree, such as endothermic fires...

(Now I kind of want to draw a Family Tree of Games...but I'd have to know a lot more about the game categories I'm _not_ interested in to do it justice.  Heh.)

Anyway, Kertinker, welcome to the thread! and feel free to stick around and read my stupid adventures, if you want.  :)


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CaptainChaotica    4,311

I'm BACK,baby! and I come bearing not only a new chapter, but also (gasp!) artwork!

First in a planned series of my character in all the different eras, meet:  Stone Age Walani!


(aka Forge Walani, Tribal Walani, or maybe Just Saw Princess Mononoke Walani.)  I was gonna do red face paint ala the Forge, and then I was like "WAIT a minute...why don't I combine that with actual Hawaiian face tattoos?"

And then utterly failed to find anything that I was _sure_ was authentic and not probably a modern hippie/hipster design and the photo taker didn't tell us for sure.  So I went with an amalgam of the geometricy shapes I could find on the actual old black-and-white photos of chiefs and whatnot, and said "good enough".  The full version of the picture, if I don't conk out and lose momentum like I always freaking do these days, will have the different eras lined up ala my Seasons picture and maybe shading.  It will also be posted properly on the actual artwork part of the forum, as well as turned into a banner image at the beginning of this thread.  :)

Anyway, ON to our STORY!  (GROVER:  Yes!  On to our story!)


Frogs are actually useful sometimes.  :D


Hi guys.  I love how they're all "looking" anywhere but at me, like they're awkwardly waiting for the outsider to go away.  : P


Oh yes--the new update to the Shipwrecked Characters mod.  I can now teleport between ponds using the surfboard, as if they were wormholes.  No biggie. I suddenly feel like Skuld from "Oh!  My Goddess!" and YES I went there.  Oldschool manga references for the win yo. ;)  (She can travel around via bodies of water.  ANY body of ANY water-based liquid actually.  Which can get quite uncomfortable when she pops out of a hot cuppa tea...and yes, that actually happened.)  Not sure yet whether it randomises each time or one pond will always pop you out at a certain other pond?  I know this one took me to one WAY back near the spawn.  I'll have to do some more experimenting and maybe put up signs...even though I'd be the only one they're relevant for.

Also the surfboard doesn't decay on its own, which considering it has a passive sanity buff I like to use at night AND I have to keep remaking the damn thing because it's her iconic item (I've got one inventory slot always taken, because of Staying In Character.  No joke) is quite a relief.  Now it only seems to break when I actually USE it, aka surf the web ponds.


Actual crops!  GASP!  Yes, _you_ have to do the farming work, Walani.  Winona isn't here to do the hard parts for you.  : P

WALANI:  Rassi' frassin' rain, rassifrassin...

ME:  Hey, at least it saves time on watering!

(Literally what I say every time it rains in Harvest Moon.  For those of you who don't know what Harvest Moon is, think Stardew Valley but like 20 years older.  :))


The updated base!  Welcome to PROPERLY "civilized" Starvania, and its blanketyblank stupid diagonal floor! I mean, um...pattern.  Yeah.  I meant to make it look that way.  It's a _pattern_.  Yeah.

I completely forgot that we have a twiggy tree growing in this area as well as the deliberately-unchopped "shelter tree".  Heh.


STREEEETTTCH! Kitty decides to murder us all with cuteness.  Also you may have noticed I never chop this area down.  It's a decorative arbor area.  I can get cherries, apples, wood etc. from OTHER places--this one is for pretty.  :)  (It also survived two summers without a fling-o-matic in sight!...somehow...)


Now the kitty's name is official.  : P


 CURSE YOUUUU, WINTEERRRRR!!!  I especially like how the screen decided to put a snowflake RIGHT on my face.  Just to rub it in.  XD

And we've finished another season!  Yay!


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minespatch    60,578
19 hours ago, CaptainChaotica said:


(aka Forge Walani, Tribal Walani, or maybe Just Saw Princess Mononoke Walani.)  I was gonna do red face paint ala the Forge, and then I was like "WAIT a minute...why don't I combine that with actual Hawaiian face tattoos?"

Forge Walani works. I love the use of a gradient in MS Paint that you did. You make the Pixelization work for you.

Are onions from a mod?

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CaptainChaotica    4,311

Forge Walani is literally correct, considering that she was wearing all different bits of actual Forge outfits during the "hunter-gatherer" year.  (Wilson's vest, Willow's skirt, Wolfgang's handpaint, and I think Wendy's sandals.)  I just tweaked it a bit and pretended she also got her own special new head.  Doesn't she look badass?  :)  I kinda love the way it turned out.  Doesn't work as well for an avatar because of all the details, but I'll be switching them around over time anyway.

Oh, the gradient.  I've done WAY more delicate gradients than that in Paint, too.  Like on this:


(Ironically, I posted this picture RIGHT before the episode that introduced the _actual_ Aquamarine character aired. I like mine better.  The canon one is a horrid little beeyotch.)  Seriously, LOOK how delicate that sunrise is.  All you gotta do is tweak the colours _just_ the right amount in the right ways (which way are you going?  darker? lighter?  brighter?  more towards another hue?) and use thin enough lines, and there ya go.  Paint is way more flexible than most people know--I've managed to get transparency effects, glows, sparkles etc. goin' on and everything.  And this is the OLDER (XP/98) version of it!  (Which I actually prefer, as the new one is annoyingly missing some of my favourite features.) 

And me?  I'm nowhere near an expert.  Ever see that video they posted WAY long ago--a time-lapse video of somebody drawing THE FRIGGIN' MONA LISA in MSPaint?  And that, again, was with an older version!  (If you haven't, look it up, it's kinda awesome.)  But yeah...pretty much my policy of learning to do a lot with a little and make simple resources complex by my own means that I do in Don't Starve, with my minimalist leave-things-in-the-ground hippie bases...applies to my art too. :)

(By the way, for all her Gracefully Rising From the Ocean Like Unto Boticelli's Venus (Only More Clothed) thing she's doing here...the character is actually a dork.  Because of course she is.  : P Also clumsier on land 'cos she's used to pushing against ocean pressure all the time.)

ANYway.  Don't mind me, I just love the chance to ramble on about art stuff.  Yes, the onions are from a mod--"Pickle It!"  It not only lets you preserve (some) vegetables (and fruits) by pickling them--because why should meat get all the fun?--but also puts new veggies in the ground AND spawns them out of your farms.  The new ones are...lemme think...cucumbers (farms only), radishes, beets, onions, potatoes...I know I'm forgetting something...

Anyway it's a lot of new yummy.  Pigs can also drop pigfeet that can be cooked into pork rinds or pickled into (obviously) pickled pigs' feet.  If you show up on one of my worlds and you see a brown thing stickin' out of the ground, bring along a shovel and fire-makings, 'cos skillet potatoes are good eatin'.  :)


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CaptainChaotica    4,311

Well, not like you have a light colour at the top, a dark colour at the bottom, and you pick an option off a menu and bink! it gradients it FOR you, no. has that, but not normal Paint.  (Maybe the current version?  I dunno, I saw that they took out my nice smooth even bucket-fill and went NOPE straight back to the old one.)  No, I just did teeny little thin lines and hand-tweaked the colour each time I made a new one.  :)  Obnoxious to do, but I _can_ save the background once it's done and reuse it elsewhere if appropriate.  Heh.

Here, I'll show you.  I took a portion of the background and magnified it, then took a picture of the magnified version.  (PRINTSCREEN-CEPTION!)


See?  You can see the lines now, at least in the darker part.  Some of it, like the pink bits, are REALLY blended-looking though--like, even in magnified view, I couldn't see where the lines were.  Some colours gradient into each other better than others, is something else I've found out.



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CaptainChaotica    4,311

(blushes)  Awww!  I'm flattered!  it is semi-open?  Right now it's only open to friends.  For the first year it was me-only, but that's because the nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle just works better that way.  But you can friend me on Steam if you like. I'll message you my username (it's not the same as here--mainly because "Captain Chaotica" got cut off in the in-game chat and looked stupid, so I went with one of my older names that _did_ fit)--but be warned, right now it's spring and it's very annoying.  (Mama Goose has TAKEN OVER THE BASE! and also become my hound-exterminator.  XD)  I also tend to be on at weird hours, so... 

Also be aware that I have the thirst mod on, so you might want to wait at the entrance for me to greet you with a bottle or something.  You'll need it.  Fortunately there are ponds all over the damn place to the south.  :)


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CaptainChaotica    4,311

New chapter finally!


Hey, Bearger, you've got a little...on your...hang on lemme just get that for ya.


We're not here to get Glommer--we're here to see if Deerclops and our good friend Bearger back there will be friends!  :)  (And then Deerclops actually showed up way later.)


My pond is purple.  Why is my pond purple?  (I swear I don't have any break/melt the ice type mods, although I do consider it from time to time.)


Aren't my winter crops pretty?  Including the ones I had nothing to do with, like that pineapple bush.  Aka I just haven't picked them yet--with just me and so many random plants growing around, I've been living mainly off of stuff I bring home from my exploring trips (or eat while camping out on the way).


Apparently my tooth trap area is now a penguin hotel.  Hoo boy, are you guys gonna regret that later...


Just a nice, peaceful night, hangin' out with the Fluffy Bunch by the fire and whatwasthat


Oh. That.  Yes, I know that sounded like a big mean monster, man, I heard it several times before you said anything!  Which is the only reason the base is still intact.  (I was IN base when I first started hearing it, after all--and still got away far enough before he actualy spawned.)  I got ears like a BAT when it comes to that creepy-as-eff heaving breathing sound.  Geh.

Anyway here's the Deerclops.  I never got a picture of him in any of the previous winters, so, here ya go.


So after I--safely--made it back home, I decided to pray to the Great Wolf Spirits to preserve our kingdom.  Seemed like it couldn't hurt.  (Or thank them for having ALREADY preserved it; whatever.)


Remember when I said the penguins would end up regretting their decision of where to sleep?  Yeah.  WHO WANTS A FREE DRUMSTICK?


D'awww...I finally make my way back to the freaking desert (one of them) for the first time in forever, and as soon as I get there Walani wants to cuddle the goats. Visit the Starvania Petting Zoo--open from 9am to 7pm weekdays, Mountain Standard Time!  (Note:  Starvania Petting Zoo may not actually exist.)


You know that feeling when you're about to take care of a nest before it becomes a spider queen...and then it becomes a spider queen?  #forestworldproblems


Wanderin' 'round by moonlight

Chillin' out by daylight

Never caring 'bout a real fight!

She is the one named Surfer Moon!

aka I felt like taking another pretty full moon picture.  XD  Two full moons in the same winter--that right there tells you this is a longer one than usual.  Yay.


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minespatch    60,578

Not sure how to help you with the purple pond situation. You might want to make a thread on that.

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CaptainChaotica    4,311

Ooooh...I'm having WAY worse glitch problems than _that_ right now...  The purple pond isn't really worrying me; I think it's to do with the Thirst mod and another pond turned a weird colour last winter without harming anything, so.  (In this case, it was the one near the Pig King, and it turned blue-screen-of-death blue.)  I've even done weird stuff like leaping INTO a pond and popping out somewhere else in the world with Walani's new water-based powers; _that_ doesn't seem to have harmed anything.  But...well, here's a preview:
glitch.thumb.png.2c95cc7f82dae599a3a4ab000cec2ff5.png seem to have mistyped "Day 238" there... (and the client_log just confused me even MORE after I read it.)  For the record, I just started up a new test server with all the mods this one uses AND MORE, and it's fine so far.  So...


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CaptainChaotica    4,311

Another chapter!  Finally.


AWWWWW (dies of cute)


Overheating in the winter!  YAY!  I once killed myself this way on purpose just to see if I could. That was part of not such a great day, but at least I did get to freak people out.  : P


Welcome to the Beehive State!  because...Utah...and the giant beehive is part of my "state", Starvania, and...nevermind.  : P


You laid.  Your egg.  IN my base.  And knocked down half my walls in the process!  In case anybody was wondering if the Spring Giant was also a destructive one? well...

That said, this is still a wonderful location.  It's near so many useful biomes.  Rocks WITHOUT spiders, a giant swamp, a huge savannah full of rabbits, grass _and_ beefalo, a well-spot, meadow to the south full of ponds so I can catch frogs when the rabbits aren't available...  I knew that MGoose spawner was right there and set up my base here anyway.  XD


My kitty is scrappy?!  Must be from when I was trying (and failing) to get rid of the spider nests in time.  Heh.


Mama Goose takes over my base; I make her pay the rent in the form of pest control.  It's only fair.



(As much as it looks like I'm heading straight at that mosling with evil intent...I was actually just running around making sure all the hounds were dead.  Didn't wanna start nothin' when I didn't have to, and I already had plenty of food anyway.  : P)


Glommy!  :( I knew there'd be SOME casualty from all this...

(Also considering that that awful glitch happened shortly after this picture, the fact that she's crying is really a bit on the nose... :()


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