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Lost Day 249 Shipwrecked save upon entering RoG world

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Mr.Mulk    1,167

So I've had a long term shipwrecked/reign of giants playthrough where my goal was to craft every single item in the entire game at least once. I was on day 249 when I finally decided to go ahead and start on the reign of giants world (I was mostly done with shipwrecked) and hopped in the seaworthy. Everything appeared to be functional and the game linked a new Reign of Giants world to my SW file with absolutely no hitches. However, when I logged in today I found that the game generated a new world upon attempting to enter my SW/RoG world and everything got wiped. I am infuriated to say the least, I lost about 50 hours of my life to a seemingly stupid bug.


Are there any known fixes or any ways I could recover my old file? I'm assuming no because I didn't realize it was generating a new world over the old save (which I just assumed was the loading screen)

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