Klei Weekly Art Stream!

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Squidlicious    479


13 hours ago, HF1999 said:

the flautist of the hamlet.

hehe is the first time I participate, tis is a little drawing of wormwood that I made a few months ago,


Aww! This is amazing looking! Worm would be the leader of Mandrakes!


15 hours ago, thomas4845 said:

Thnxs Dragon mage but it doesn't matter i've already given up on drawing, i have no talent

You should always draw even if you wanna!

9 hours ago, Kuba5565 said:

It doesn't matter how your drawing looks, the only thing that matter is when you have fun doing it, if you like art don't give up on it and you'll get better. And your drawings are not bad.

What they said!

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