Klei Weekly Art Stream!

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Well-met    5073
On 2019-04-12 at 4:23 PM, ToySteam said:

Well this is my first attempt at the weekly fan art challenge.

I kept thinking during the Wortox video that even if he hadn't been there that the baby beefalo would have been fine. Don't mess with Mama.


that's extremely faithful to the game graphics.

very impressive!!

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-Variant    6090
2 hours ago, Bleksmits said:


Shut up Morty in this dimension we have stuff to steal its another cartoon again... i mean its a game.. its a game

I was getting ready to tell you this is Krampus themed and that this might belong somewhere else, but now I see it and it's glorious. 
Excellent job here, really caught me.

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watermelen671    19408
4 hours ago, JanH said:

Weekly Art Challenge
This week's art challenge is to draw your favorite Duplicants from Oxygen Not Included. Post your submissions on this thread and yours may get featured on next week's art stream!



I have all I need, I'm goin' home. Prepare for something meta folks.

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