Klei Weekly Art Stream!

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watermelen671    19410
55 minutes ago, SDragonhead said:

A Deerclops lithograph

My god that is both amazing and terrifying at the same time. 


Not a dis, just my realizing just how horrifying these Giants would look in real life...


Thank god they actually don't really exis-

*Deerclops Noise*




And I immediately die because this is real life, and people outside of the Constant only have one HP, and I'm too out of shape to effectively kite. :wilson_ecstatic:

Also my house is now destroyed...please donate to my GoFundMe so I can rebuild. :wilson_curious:

...ignore all of that, it's late and I tend to post weird things at this time of night when delirium takes control. These be nightmare fueled posts friends.

2 hours ago, JanH said:

Poison Birchnut Tree from Don't Starve Together

Wait...are you telling me there's a difference between Poison Birchnuts in DST and Poison Birchnuts in normal DS?


Also there goes my day tomorrow. So much for schoolwork. :wilson_facepalm:

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Fuffles    4216
17 hours ago, JanH said:

Not to worry as Jesse will still be hosting the Tuesday art streams, drawing new pieces every week, do doodles based on usernames in chat, and finish off shows with blindfolded drawings.

Aww, why not May and co.

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watermelen671    19410
27 minutes ago, GamerCat11 said:

So i don't know if im late to submit

You're a bit late...it was yesterday in case you're wondering. :wilson_smile:

This week be Poison Birches.


Which my fingers keep wanting to type a certain way, which I cannot understand why.

It's like with turf...I keep typing it as turk. :wilson_facepalm:


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Ksivoha    110
38 minutes ago, Szczuku said:

Seriously at this point you're just ignoring the rules.

This thread is for stream-related art only 

If you're looking for Jeese's attention then idk message him or something

sorry next time I won't do that

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