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Issue with reassigning functions

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I've been trying to get this code to work:

inst.oldStage1 = inst.components.growable.stages[1].fn
inst.components.growable.stages[1].fn = function(inst)

This works fine for the first entity, but then the second entity's stages[1].fn is the first entity's new stages[1].fn


Entity1: oldfunction = fn1, newfunction = fn2

Entity2: oldfunction = fn2, newfunction = fn2 (issue is caused here because oldfunction is Entity1's newfunction)

What I want is - Entity2: oldfunction = fn3, newfunction = fn4

I don't know how they are even interacting. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?


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The "inst.components.growable.stages" table is shared among all instances, you only need to change it once. I recommend using a boolean to prevent editing it twice:

local growablepatched = false
AddPrefabPostInit('PREFAB', function(inst)
    -- only do this once (shared functions due to shared table)
	if not growablepatched then
		local _SetSmall = inst.components.growable.stages[1].fn
		inst.components.growable.stages[1].fn = function(self)
            inst.AnimState:SetMultColour(0,0,0,1) -- sample code

		growablepatched = true


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