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Serpens    523
On 19.12.2017 at 12:42 AM, V2C said:
  • Added autocomplete options to client.ini for chat and console input:
    • In client.ini, under the [MISC] category, add:
      • console_autocomplete = tab_enter
      • chat_autocomplete = tab_enter
    • Values for these are:
      • tab_enter - both tab and enter will apply the selected word
      • tab - only tab will apply the selected word
      • enter - only enter will apply the selected word
      • mouseonly - you will need to click on a word to apply it
      • disabled - the auto complete prompt will be disabled


Thank you very much!
I changed both to "mouseonly", but it does not work 100% correctly.
Indeed, when I hit "enter" it won't select any of the suggested words, thats fine.
But when I hit the arrow keys on my keyboard, to move the writing cursor, it will instead move the selected suggested words.
So I still have to hit ESC everytime, cause I can not move the writing-cursor otherwise.

So you still need to adjust it that way, that "mouseonly" also means "mouse only", also for the arrow keys.

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