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Shank Translation

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M3ttafran    0

Hello Klei. I love the two Shank games. And I wanted to show you an interesting project for your games. I would love to translate your Shank games in Italian! I can do it for Free. If you accept my request, that's what i've planned for it:

*I translate the whole games text, including cutscenes dialogues (subtitles), menu text, loading screens tips, etc.

*When I've finished translating (about 2-3 days), i will put a .txt/.pdf file in this topic. Inside it, I'll put the entire text in English and their translation under it.

*If you want to, you can put the translations in the Steam Versions of the games! I hope you accept.

Think about my project and talk about it to your staff, because you won't find anybody else with the same idea.

Thank you for all,


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