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Walls Invisible


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This has already been posted by at least two others within the past few hours, but they didn't receive more than one response. I opened my Don't Starve game, and when I went to place a stone wall, the highlight that typically appears when deciding where to place it didn't appear, and when I clicked to place the wall, my character walked over and did the normal things to place a wall, however it didn't appear. The area is blocked off as if the wall is there, but they aren't visible. I have tried restarting the game, uninstalling and reinstalling, starting a new game, validating game files, literally any fix that I could possibly think of. I had used a few mods for the first time, but after seeing that the walls were missing, I went through and deleted each of the mods, uninstalled the game again, everything. Nothing is working to bring the walls back, and it's getting rather frustrating. If anyone has any possible fixes, that would be great. I'm going to attempt to uninstall and reinstall again. Just to be detailed, this is happening with each type of wall, not just stone walls. 

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