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[RESOLVED] Problem with controller icons on PC (Steam)


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On 30.11.2017 at 1:39 PM, Zillvr said:

I put the huuuge text wall in a spoiler. When I said attach, I meant directly attaching the log.txt file (by drag dropping them into the reply box) anyways, just a heads up for future attachments. For now, we'll wait for ValonEast's log.txt file to check for similarities between your logs and figure out why one the both of you have "Text not found".

In the mean time, I recommend trying this:

  • On Steam's Games Library Page for Don't Starve, disable the DLCs Shipwrecked and RoG.
  • Do another verify the integrity of the game cache.
  • With vanilla DS (disabled RoG and Shipwrecked) open the game and start up a new save. WARNING: Do not open saves that you started with other DLCs active (may corrupt your saves or alter them permanently)
  • Check if the Text not found still exists. If it doesn't let me know, if it still occurs, reenable your DLCs and do another  verify the integrity of the game cache for good measure.


I do this, and my problem is resolved.

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