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Pesky stuff every time I load.


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      Not sure if this belongs in a bug tracker but I can't find a normal tech help forum you find elsewhere. I was also not sure how much of this is Don't starve and how much of it is Steam.

I use Mint Linux 18.2. I bought the games directly from Steam.

      Before I start the game it did this "these are the CD keys you will need" copy key to clipboard so you can put them in when asked. Now with this there is a option to tell it to stop pestering me about it. But then when the game starts in the upper right hand corner "This product requires multiple product keys. When the game asks for..." "Press shift tab to close this message" This message never goes away on its own, even when I start the game. Pressing shift tab causes a Steam window to come up and that CD keys box too. Pressing esc causes this to go away. This second part, there is no option to tell it to leave me alone.

     The game never asks me for any keys. I rather wish it would so that this key stuff would be satisfied and leave me alone.

     The second annoying thing I get every time I load is "Mods installed! Klei is not able to help you if any issues from the mod arise" and I have to click a "I understand" button. I do not wish to have to do this every time I load!

     So every time I load the game I got to tab shift, press  esc, and click a button. It's not much, but it's still annoying that I have to do all this every time for no good reason and slows down starting the game by 5-10 seconds.

     On a similar note, I wish there was a way to disable the pop up "Are you sure you want to leave? Maxwell will miss you." from the menu screen, so that the game simply closes immediately when I ask it.  It already has a pop up in the game itself asking if I really want to leave the game, that is enough, there doesn't need to be one for menu too!



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