As the title suggests (and at @Cheerio's recent request) I decided to attach the save file of my current stream base, which - much to my dismay - is becoming increasingly unplayable, even at lower speeds. I've also run a few tests of my own following on from this recent thread :  Having explored most of the asteroid, and discovered all of the resources we'll need, I figured that before I have to prematurely end yet another stream playthrough entirely due to laggy low-fps play - I'd try and "fix" it with a few of the usual tips/tricks that are often recommended. I'm not a fan of mixing debug and stream play, and normally only resort to debug fixes if we have something like a ruin spawned on top of a geyser (yes, that happened) - so this is solely for science purposes   My system : CPU :Ryzen 5 1600x @ stock MB : Gigabyte AMD AM4 Ryzen AB350 Ram : Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 2x8GB 3000MHz DDR4 GFX : HD 7970 3GB GDDR5 (not the best I know, but ample enough to run pretty much anything on the market...)   Basic Save - Automalarkey.sav  Currently running at between 7-9 fps on my system when running no other programs/apps. Ignore the part-built chimney on the right, was in the midst of a plan to cook some oil... Step 1 - Remove all debris from the floor. Lag test Swept.sav  Swept every bit of loose debris on the asteroid (including unrevealed/inaccessible) - Increase to 16-17 fps Step 2 - Vacuum storage (compactor areas). Lag test Vacuum storage.sav  Removed chlorine and made storage a vacuum - No change. 16-17fps Step 3 - Mop Loose Liquids Lag test Mop Loose Liquids.sav  Mopped all external loose liquids on the map. Slight change 18-19 fps Step 4 - Restrict Areas Lag Test Airlock Denial.sav  Fitted various airlocks - confining dupes to the immediate base. Slight change 19-20 fps Step 5 - Lose my mind, mop all the liquids and fill the entire external map with Abyssalite, confine all my dupes inside the base, clear all the debris, vacuum my storages and essentially entomb my dupes inside a grisly man-made void. Lag Test ffs.sav  Kindly make of this what you will. In short the most noticeable difference was obviously the clearing of debris - however I don't run messy bases, so this was mostly debris from plants/pufts/tile destruction in unreachable/inaccessible areas. Loose liquids we've always known to be a slight drain on resources, however I was convinced I'd see a larger boost in fps from that - this was the biggest surprise for me. The only test I had yet to do was remove all external gasses and make things into vacuums. Step 6 - Vacuum it all Lag Test - Gone (Mind Included).sav In short - I hope this proved helpful/insightful for both Klei devs, and fellow players. If you have any further insights or tests that you think may improve fps, kindly share them after having tested them yourself. Sadly my base can't handle any more of this.... Much love. -Life