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Invisible Beefalo Glitch


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So I was going to murder some Beefalos, when this happened:



I have never installed any skins, mods, or edited the game files. This only happened for today. It has never happened before.

I have Reign of Giants turned off, as well as Shipwrecked and it's compatibility settings. This happened on a Windows 10 PC.

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I am also experiencing vanishing beefalo as of the update Tuesday, 11/21/2017 - no issues on Monday.,  Until then, I had been playing exclusively SteamOS + Linux (Ubuntu experienced16.04 LTS).

Due to another issue of blocky shadow creatures and nightmare fuel starting the same day, I also installed the game from scratch on a Windows machine, but the missing beefalo issue persists.

At least these two steam threads indicate others are experiencing the issue, also:



I'll open a separate thread to report the blocky shadow creatures


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I figured it out. The Beefalo turn invisible when they move/face forward and backward. If they move or idle sideways, they stay visible. Klei possibly added some function on the update that messed with the sprites of the beefalo. If you mess with the camera perspective (Q & E) You can make Beefalo invisible and visible again. Notice how invisible beefalo's shadows always are moving backward or forward vertically.


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Hello, same here, this glitch appeared this morning(EU) after the release of the latest patch.
By the way, since the begining of my world I had this exact same bug with mosquitos aswell.


Edit : Forgot to mention I had 3 mods (minimap, tools and food details), I've deleted them (not just disabled, deleted). Create new world to check out, I had still those 2 creatures missing. Uninstalled the game then re installed it, went on my real save, then on a new world, still bugged :(


Edit 2 : Thanks you for this amazing game hahaha. This game haunt my dreams I love it so much.. I think I'm done with edits.. Sorry

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