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Can't move in The Screecher mod


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so i start up the game, and i can't move, and most buttons don't work, the only things that work are as follows:

i can press 5 to open the console

i can left click to move to interactable objects

i can right click to turn on torch


i can't even press Esc to pause or anything, is anyone else having a similar problem?

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Couple of questions before we can look into this:

  • W and S keys are used move forward and back, mouse is used to turn left and right, do these work normally in your game?
  • Do you happen to have any usb controllers/gamepads plugged into your computer? Try unplugging them.
  • Do you or have you ever used any controller emulation software (like VJoy, X360ce, Joy2Key) installed to your system? if so, please uninstall the software and see if that makes a difference.
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