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[Game Update] - 242908

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landromat    1655
9 minutes ago, V2C said:
  • Added a new auto complete system for character emotes and chat emoticons:
    • Pressing Enter or Tab will complete the highlighted suggestion
    • Pressing Esc will dismiss the suggestions
  • Fixed character quotes for Hallowed Nights skins.


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Does not work if there is no space in front of command. Intended?image.thumb.png.fb4accb2ce290405150e1d1cdf925dce.png

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fimmatek    4115
3 minutes ago, FreyaMaluk said:

How is this supposed to work? after having updated the game I still got repeated emotes

/slowclap x 2

I believe it is autocompleted in-game, that means if you start typing "/sl", then it'll offer you to use "/slowcap". I haven't tried it yet but I think this is what they meant.

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