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Are we getting Halloween ever?

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Lnin0    3

PS4 got the update for the Halloween event on Halloween yet Xbox owners continue to wait. I understand that there was some timing/planning issue that didn't allow it to get published on time but two weeks have since passed and no update, no word from developers.

Can someone please respond. 

When can we expect the update?

When will the event end and will it be extended for Xbox players due to the late start?

I heard it ends when Forge ends, so is that event also included in the missing update?

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MasterWolf    236

@JoeWsaid the Forge MAY come to consoles if there is enough interest, aka if it is worth it for Klei to invest their time so they can get so money. I doubt it would happen this year though.

As for the Hallowed Nights update, maybe we can get a Christmas miracle? Or maybe we Xbox players can get the option to buy the Hallowed Nights set skin for $12.99, like in Forge.

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