With the Ancient Gateway activated our survivors now find themselves trapped in a hostile world of fire and battle. They’ll need to team up to defeat the Battlemaster’s army and his champion, the Grand Forge Boarrior, if they have any hopes of returning home.  The Forge is a free limited time 6-player co-op challenge, where the goal is to try and defeat the Grand Forge Boarrior in an arena. The only way to survive will be to work together. With The Forge we developed a lot of new things that we can also use for future events.  New character skins, emotes, item skins and more. In total over 200 items. New free on-demand dedicated event servers (Forge Only). Tons of new main menu UI additions and changes. Simple Matchmaking with friends / community groups. Updated drop system (Now 4 items per Chest - Forge only). Implemented ability to purchase item sets. Event specific challenges and “level” progression. Matches are played on official Klei servers that are available only during the event. There are no community hosted servers during this event.  The Forge event will last until November 30th. So join in now and collect all the good stuff before it’s gone. FAQ What is The Forge?
The Forge is the first of a series of limited time events that we have created for Don’t Starve Together. The purpose of these events is to add fun new content to the world of Don’t Starve Together without altering core DST gameplay.  Is The Forge free?
Yes! Events are free for everyone who owns DST. Players will have the option to purchase a single character’s Warrior Skin Set for $2.99, or the entire Warrior Skin Set collection for $12.99.  We hope that with this mechanism, we can both continue creating great free content while also supporting the development team. In addition, this method of funding allows us to provide content to all our players, instead of splitting the player community if we implemented it with a DLC paywall. Can I still play The Forge after Nov 30th?
No, the event will end at that time but we do hope to bring it back in the future if it is successful. Can I keep the things I earn in The Forge?
Yes however some unlocks such as portrait backgrounds and profile icons are currently only available in the Forge but future events will also use these and we hope to support these things in the base game in the future. All unlocks will remain unlocked on your account between events. Item and character skins are usable in the main game.  Will these items and unlocks be available in the future? 
Maybe. The next event will have new items and unlocks and we may make some of them available, however many of the items are specific to The Forge and will only be available at that time. When will the next event like The Forge be?
We will have more info when we know for sure.  Will the Forge be coming to Console?
The Forge is our first limited time event of its kind. We are watching feedback and requests to see how the community responds and if there is enough interest we may bring it to consoles, but it will require some work and will have to be a bit different due to certain limitations and constraints on those platforms.