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MasterWolf    237
3 minutes ago, Corey said:

It's taking longer than expected as we're still working out XB1 update cycles. Console updates are not as simple for us to deploy as Steam. They require a lot of  3rd party partner coordination, certification and waiting on our end.

There's no ETA yet, but we're working on it, it will just come much later than we wanted.

In the future we'd like to keep console parity as much as possible, and we do try. 

Thank you for the update, I understand that developing for consoles is different than on the PC. It is just frustrating that the PS4 version got released last year, and they get their own forums. I know that you guys are working hard on it, and that a lot of the time you guys have to wait for Microsoft's approval on updates.

Could you please make a post about it? And then keep updating it so that me and other fellow xbox players can know what is going on, instead of just making multiple comments. Thank you

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jesuisralph    120
On 10/30/2017 at 5:12 PM, JanH said:


  • Also available are special disguises that will stick around, but they’ll only drop during the season of Hallowed Nights, so be on the look-out for these rare items and snag them all while you can!


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What do you mean when you say only drop during the season of Hallowed Nights? Do I have to set make a new world and set Hallowed Nights season? And be on a look-out for these rare items and snag them, do you mean the weekly drop that is random skins or something else like a quest? I haven't gotten any rare halloween theme skins yet... only got a bird cage through trading rare items. Weekly drops is normal skins :(

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