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Invisible Mosquito


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Steam, on a Mac

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The mosquito is invisible.

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When I'm near a pond in the marsh at dusk/night, I cannot see the mosquito. It still attacks me and I can attack it (through force attack), but I can only see it's shadow, not the mosquito itself.

This happens with no mods. I reinstalled the game and it still happens. I also started a new game and the issue persists.

I've included two screenshots, with the shadow of the mosquito circled.



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Odd, we were unable to reproduce this on our OSX machines. Could you clarify for us if this is a Reign of Giants-enabled game world?

Also, can we get you to try using the console command (~ key) on your game world, then type in c_spawn("mosquito") and press the Enter key?

This will force the game to spawn a mosquito in your game where your mouse pointer is located - are you able to see the creature? Or is it still invisible?

Press CTRL+L to remove the console log screen from your game screen.

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