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I can't hit walls?

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cokenull    0

Okay so, maybe I'm an idiot, but I've watched several videos trying to see how other people hit walls (in order to make cheap doorways into pens etc.) and for whatever reason, it seems just not to be available in my game? In the videos I've seen, people can use either the mouse or can use F to attack the walls. I've tried holding several different items/tools to see if anything would give me the option, but all I can do is examine. I've pressed F, space, and any other key I thought might produce my desired result, but to no avail.....

How do you hit walls? Is it just an automatic option that pops up? I've tried googling this, but it seems to be such an obvious answer that no one else has asked this question before. I'm happy to be an idiot versus having my own personal bug, so just let me know how this is supposed to work!

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