[Game Update] - 238699 (The Forge Beta)

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Quoth143    11,839

Woo! That's fun! Loving the Forge. (The Boarilla destroyed us though)

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1v0    819

Really nice and fun I like how you need to plan what roles to grab (mage/mele/range) , make a plan about who to heal who to tank ect . It reminded me of an MMORPG raid and that's a great thing . It's really fun and hard ! You can't make it far without a plan . The loot is done nicely , and I really welcome the leveling system because it give you a feel of progression .

The only thing I don't like is the mages starting item (the book of petrify) because while you have it , you just run cast and keep on running for another 20 secs or so (I don't know the exact time) and if you pick Maxwell that has low hp and that perk that is for dmg (the spell from the book only stuns but no dmg) . The only think you can do is run .... and the other mage item for dmg is a bit far so yea ... but that's nothing major .

That begin said I made it to wave 5 (the boarilla) as the healer (Wes with the staff that can heal) . Tommorw I'm going to play more (it's a bit late here like 01:56 am) . So far I love it .

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minespatch    51,263
2 hours ago, Instant-Noodles said:
  1. Bannerlavaarena_banner.gif.afe4fc4b6a37d1c35cafbc83de494721.gif
  2. Infernal Stafffireballstaff.gif.437000ddb578b27e6c6aa564cf6b8615.gif
  3. wilson_slowcap.gif.1d7a544feedc45dbd21bb962967695c2.gif
  1. I'd love to get a reference of the one with the big antlers.
  2. When I hold that staff, I feel overpowered and godlike. Though due to me being Wilson main, I'm more of a healer type.
  3. First Hot Lava, now Forge. I wonder if Griftlands is next?:wilson_ecstatic:

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