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Windows 10 | No Sound.... Very Annoying....


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Version Number
Issue title
No Sound on Windows 10 Steam Version of Game

Steps to reproduce
Open Game from the library on steam.
Let game load.
Confirm no sound at all during the load screen.
Go to options.
Attempt to Change Volume.
Click Apply.
Go back to settings (sound auto default back to 0 on all parts... FX, music, ambient.....)
Rinse/Repeat... Same outcome every time....

Describe your issue
As stated above in the steps to reproduce the issue....

Have attempted "Verify Integrity of the game from within the properties of the game" by right-clicking game and going to properties then clicking on the local files tab, and then clicking the verify files button.... No success...

Have attempted multiple restarts... no success...

Would really like to be able to play the game without having to worry about the sound being an issue every time I open it up.....

As stated in the title of the post... VERY ANNOYING!!!


Local Files Screenshot.jpg

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Hello @Rohkye, welcome to the forums. Can you confirm whether or not your Windows User Account is set as an Administrator? If it isn't, try and set the Don't Starve application to Run as Administrator. Go to Steam\SteamApps\common\dont_starve\bin and right click the properties of dontstarve_steam click the Compatibility tab and enable the option called "Run this program as administrator." If I recall correctly, when the game doesn't save your applied settings, it usually means the game doesn't have access to the Documents folder where the settings.ini file is.

Secondly, if that still doesn't work go to C:\Users\Username\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve and edit the file called settings.ini with Notepad. Manually change the settings there but also make sure that the game is closed while you are editing this file. Once you save the new settings to the settings.ini, open the game again and see if it worked.

Third option is from steam utilizing the -autoconfig Launch Options feature of steam itself. Method Here: Using Launch Settings for Video and Display Problems.

I hope that helps, cheers.

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