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I cant get 60 fps anymore

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Dewshroom    0

Hi guys, so I'm having difficulty playing past 40 fps and I've tried many things and nothing seems to be working. 

The thing is, that I used to play this on a gtx 770 and all was well, worked perfectly. I upgraded to a gtx 1080 about 10 months ago, and tried to play Dont Starve again after a long break, and it seems to be stuck at 40-43 fps.

Now I know you will first assume that it is a driver issue, I've Used DDU a number of times, and insured I  have the correct drivers installed, I've reinstalled Steam, I have verified files. I've gone into the Nvidia Control panel and adjusted certain settings that other people have tried, and still no success. 

I think something that would really help me, is if someone would be kind enough to post a screen captuer of their current Nivdia control settings for Dont Starve

(if they have 60 fps), that would be a great help, and I could compare to what I have currently running. 

It also seems that Dont Starve Together is also capped at 40 fps. I believe since getting my gtx 1080, this is the first time I tried playing Dont Starve as well. 

I've searched on Steam, and this offical forums and I have tried the trouble shooting stickies and I'm not having any luck, any help is appreciated. 

Also I have optimized in Geoforce Experience

Below is my specs

Mobo: Asus Z97-pro

Cpu: I7-4790 k 

Ram 16GB

GPU GTX 1080

I'm running one SSD 

and 2 HDD's for storage space

PSU: Seasonic Platinum 

I'm also running two monitors, always have been even before having issues. 


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