Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

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Ruscole1    16
3 hours ago, SDragonhead said:

Doodlesssssss. Theyre supposed to be for some headcanons I wrote along with them.




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The mime of the hour. A.J. Weston. Long time resident of France who cherished trips to other countries. Circa 1900-1910s. He was a student in France’s early institutes for sign language. French Indian. He doesn’t tell much about himself outside of hobbies and interests. Wes’ natural need of kindness and positive atmospheres could be the result of these untold secrets.


Cool. I like the way you updated Weiner, or should I say for now on A.J. Weston. I like you made his attire before he's all mimed up. keep it up a good work.

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Clownyshush    1337

i may have said this before, but I love your style of colouring. it gives it an old storybook feeling, and i think it's very akin to watercolour. i also like the usage of pointillism in darker and more shaded areas.

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