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[Beta]Random glitched beefalo baby/ rock lobster follower spawn.


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First time is this baby beefalo. I return from the cave and find a baby beefalo at the cave entrance. The issue is there shouldn't be any beefalo nearby so that baby beefalo spawn from no where. It does not belong to any exiting herd. I quickly killed it as I don't want a new herd starting near my base.

Then after playing for a few more seasons, a similar glitch occur again. This time as I return from the ruin to the cave, I notice there is a rock lobster near the ruin entrance. There shouldn't be any rock lobster near that area and I don't think it belongs to any distanced herd I know of. I then proceed to exit the cave and get right back to my base. At my base I realize chester isn't following me so I look around and find it got stuck at the edge. Without giving it too much thought I enter the cave and return to the surface to see if that can fix the issue. As I did that I realize there is a rock lobster following me in and out of the cave, which is why chester get pushed off the edge by the lobster. The issue is I have never befriended any rock lobster during this run. I have this second glitch recorded.


From the begining of the video you can see I don't have rock lobster follower in the ruin.

At 3:13 I exit the ruin. You can see there is a single rock lobster at the ruin entrance.

At 4:14 I exit the cave. There you can see a rock lobster spawned at the cave entrance. 


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This glitch occured again. I head to the ruin to craft something, then go back to the cave. At the cave entrance I find this rock lobster following me. I hit him once to unfriend him . He still follow me all the way to the surface, which means it can't be unfriended.

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