So i decided to create templates of all objects available at the moment. I am getting them via the strings or via looking into the Assembly-CSharp.dll. I also wanted to share them because this maybe saves someone some time in future. These files need to be moved into your template-folder. The folder can be found here: ...\Your-Steam-folder\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\StreamingAssets\templates\ If you want to remove the templates, just delete them from the folder and restart/reload your game/savegame. It works like a little construction-kit for ONI in the debug-mode. All objects are in vacuum, only the plants are their needed atmosphere. The temps are always 243K, 293K or 313K. The pressure is always 1KG for gases and 1000KG for liquids. All plants are rdy to harvest. All food is 100% fresh. I divided them into groups and gave each group an indicator so u can see in debug mode which "class" this template belongs to. The indicators are in the brackets behind each group.   Last updated: [Game Update] - 234935 (29th-Sep-2017) ----- Download all at once: Debug Templates.rar   Animals (ani) (ani_1xPuft).yaml (ani_1xShockWorm).yaml (ani-1xHatch).yaml (ani-1xMorb).yaml (ani-1xPacuEgg-Water).yaml (ani-1xPacu-Water).yaml (ani-1xShineBug).yaml (ani-1xSlickster).yaml   Clothes (cloth) (cloth-AtmoSuit).yaml (cloth-CoolVest).yaml (cloth-SnazzySuit).yaml (cloth-WarmSweater).yaml   Food (food) (food-Barbeque).yaml (food-BristleBerry).yaml (food-FriedMushroom).yaml (food-FrostBun).yaml (food-GristleBerry).yaml (food-LiceLoaf).yaml (food-MealLice).yaml (food-Meat).yaml (food-Muckroot).yaml (food-Mushbar).yaml (food-MushFry).yaml (food-Mushroom).yaml (food-PepperBread).yaml (food-PickledMeal).yaml (food-PinchaPeppernut).yaml (food-SleetWheatGrain).yaml (food-StuffedBerry).yaml   Geysers (geyser) (geyser-OpenChlorine).yaml (geyser-OpenNaturalGas).yaml (geyser-OpenOilReservior).yaml (geyser-OpenSteam).yaml   Harvest (harv) (harv-BalmLilyFlower).yaml (harv-RedFiber).yaml   Medicine (med) (med-Placebo).yaml (med-Vitaminchew).yaml   Miscellaneous (misc) [ The security doors tell from their name from which side u have to build a foundation/ground to open it ] (misc-Clock).yaml (misc-Desk).yaml (misc-Door).yaml (misc-Door-horizontal).yaml (misc-GeneShuffler).yaml (misc-Ladder).yaml (misc-Light).yaml (misc-Locker).yaml (misc-SecDoor-horizontal-bot).yaml (misc-SecDoor-horizontal-top).yaml  (misc-SecDoor-left).yaml  (misc-SecDoor-right).yaml (misc-Skeleton).yaml (misc-Table).yaml (misc-TheVoid).yaml (misc-Tile).yaml (misc-VendingMachine).yaml   Plants (plant) (plant-WildBalmLily).yaml (plant-WildBluffBriar).yaml (plant-WildBristleBlossom).yaml (plant-WildDuskCap).yaml (plant-WildMealWood).yaml (plant-WildMuck).yaml (plant-WildPinchaPepper).yaml (plant-WildSleetWheat).yaml (plant-WildThimbleReed).yaml (plant-WildWheezeWort).yaml   Seeds (seed) (seed-BalmLily).yaml (seed-BluffBriar).yaml (seed-BristleBlossom).yaml (seed-DuskCap).yaml (seed-MealWood).yaml (seed-PinchaPepper).yaml (seed-SleetWheat).yaml (seed-ThimbleReed).yaml (seed-WheezeWort).yaml