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[Suggestion] thirsty system

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zVince    1,644

After removing the cold system from Shipwrecked, a successor system I think would be necessary. So I gathered some friends to discuss what mechanics could be implemented, until the best would be "The thirst". 
Heat, shortage of potable water (I remembered the woodpecker cartoon, the character eating everything from coconut).
The game could have several sources of water, such as:
Coconut, tindal pool, ocean (desalinator, could do something using oil), rainwater, ice, among others.
It could have a mechanic adapted to the seasons.

Mild = Normal water need.
Hurricane = Low water requirement.
Moonson = A little high water need.
Dry = Extremely high need.
Volcano = Constant thirst.

Of course in the transition period this need could be lowered or increased.

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