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play a beefalo horn then inspecting it crashes the game.


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12 hours ago, Zillvr said:

@jantonio can you confirm this bug occurring without any mods active? Also by any chance , are you playing on the shipwrecked beta branch build but playing with a non-RoG non-SW world? If so then I think this bug report should be posted in Klei Bug Tracker: Shipwrecked.


I'll try to record it without mods, at the time i was not in the new shipwrecked beta.

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@jantonio I understand now, you are playing a RoG/SW world but in the Shipwrecked DLC public build. Correct?

So does the bug occur for you when you start in a brand new modless world and NOT a world that previously had mods active? I've also tried to replicate this in the latest shipwreckedbeta branch version (Rev. 233071). In a non-rog non-sw world that previously had mods even IF mods are disabled, it happens. But in a brand new world that was created without any mods active, the issue doesn't occur for me. So check if a brand new world without any mods active will crash for you when you attempt to replicate the bug.


  • Open Don't Starve, open mods page.
  • Disable all mods, apply changes.
  • Press start, then new world.
  • Create a non-RoG non-SW world that IS Shipwrecked compatible.
  • Once spawned, open console press the tilde sign "~".
  • Enter the command: c_spawn("horn").
  • Replicate the bug.

For me in the shipwreckedbeta branch, the bug doesn't occur in a non-RoG non-SW world that IS NOT Shipwrecked compatible. So check that too. Sorry if it seems confusing. There's a lot of variables here and I just wanted to make sure this isn't an isolated issue with regards to mods previously being used in a world OR because of the different versions so we can add this to the bug tracker for the shipwreckedbeta branch too.

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