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Error Message Preventing Gameplay


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Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the game app. First off, can we get you to ensure that no other programs or apps are running in the background while trying to run the game.

Also, could you provide us the following information?

- Your Android device,
- Your Device model number,
- Android OS version number,
- Your device manufacturer
- Any steps in-game that we can follow to try and reproduce the error. (in-game days, character, location, custom/default world, what was happening, etc.)

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I have the same issues.

My device:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM-T800 with Exynos 5420 CPU,

Android 7.1.2 (AICP-ROM, rooted)

The only world change i have made is to choose the biggest mapsize.

The error occurs often, the last time by simply starting the game and click save & exit with doing nothing in the game. After restarting the game the error occurs.

I have attached the fileslog.txt, the working save game (filesshipwrecked_1) and the corrupted after saving (filesshipwrecked_1_corrupted)




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