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How do you make a character neutral to aggressive mobs

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Bunnyash    16

I'm looking for someone to help me code in a perk for my mod character, just like how Webber is tagged as a "Monster" and is neutral to spiders, My character is tagged as a "Robot" and I would like to know how to make an aggressive mob neutral to my character, also capable of befriending the mob.

I'm looking specifically for frogs and this is how I plan they'd work.

  • Like the pigs, the frogs will leap back home to their original pond at dusk.
  • They will need to be fed to befriend, (butterflies, butterfly wings, bees, mosquitoes, any insects.)
  • Frogs will be neutral and will not attack you.

I can do with just frogs being neutral on it's own, befriending them is just a bonus to me.

I'll appreciate any help been given!

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