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When will a playable version be available to the public?

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JohnWatson    2,540

Before this mod expansion was announced, I felt like I may be losing interest in Don't Starve Together. It definitely is no secret that DST doesn't seem to be getting much activity lately, and it was the same situation at the time.

My mates and I, who were very fond of DST and frequently have it as a conversation topic, gradually started to discuss DST less and less frequently. It's very clear that we've been running out of ways to enjoy the game, especially with the apparent lack of updates recently. A few have quit DST temporarily or at least have become less active than they ever were. It's a shame really since, for most of us, it's how we've met and got to know each other.

Ever since the big announcement of Unnatural Selection, we suddenly regained our interest in this game due to the hopes of new content. US seems like it would be a large mod that will add a lot of exciting and fresh content for us to enjoy. We were hyped for it and thought it may spice things up, maybe it would have some properly interesting additions to the game.

However, after a long wait of, I think, 5 or 8 months, we haven't heard from this mod for quite a while. It's nice that we get to see art drawn for it, but are they already implemented in the mod? What matters the most is if they're actually playable. After all concept can't just stay as concept forever, especially since concept is almost always not going to represent the final product. There will be changes to the original concept, either because of alternative concepts, technical limitations, playtester feedbacks, or simply because a change was decided to be had.

It would be delightful if we were to be informed of the current progress of the mod expansion. Show how current mechanics function can also provoke discussion about the mod because players are likely to provide insight, criticism, suggestions, and ideas which is healthy for the development of the mod and will keep it a relevant discussion topic.

If a public playable version wouldn't be feasible, then maybe the playtesters could show the current progress of it? However, I believe they haven't received any updates for several months. It would be nice if they were able to show progress in the form of videos or screenshots.

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spiderdian    1,286

I made this page to showcase progress on the mod. About everything you read here is what is happening so far. Fidooop still needs to update MiM so he can go forward with the world settings and mob spawn plans.

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