A modification pack for Oxygen Not Included: MaterialColor + OnionPatcher version 1.5.9 Improved temperature overlay with customizable temperature ranges (effect immediately visible in game after pressing Apply) By default the temperatures are more distinguishable and both Red Orange and Turquoise colors are disabled as they are redundant Temperature gradient on metal tile from -250C to 2000C Modded Vanilla Positions of dragged user interface are saved between game reloads Fixed freeze at 51% on creation of new world with OnionPatcher enabled Change log   Functionality As it's hard to differentiate between, for example abyssalite and granite tile or gold amalgam and wolframite thermal regulator, I've decided to create a modification that changes color of buildings and tiles depending on material they are made of.   Sensors range Sensors range can be set in Injector (each change needs re-injection) Default max values are set like in the image: Temperature sensor - 1000°C (Vanilla 200°C) Gas sensor - 25 kg (Vanilla 2 kg) Liquid sensor - 10 T (Vanilla 2 T) Extended ranges can prove helpful when using high pressure vent or when working with naturally occurring high pressure environments   Legacy tile color handling This can be set in Configurator to bring back old tile handling, where mesh tiles, gas permeable tiles and tile blueprints (tiles designated for construction) show a color of gas inside them instead of showing a color of material they are made of.   As of version 1.5.1 all tiles behave like buildings.   Tested on versions: 1.5.1 - 1.5.8 Tubular Upgrade (246040+)     Requirements .NET Framework 4.5.2
Download   1.5.9 .zip archive .7z archive Old versions   Installation Extract downloaded file to Oxygen Not Included root directory (where OxygenNotIncluded.exe is located) Run Injector.exe. Press Patch. Patching also creates backup of your Assembly-CSharp.dll and Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll that can be restored by pressing Restore Backup in Injector.   Update Uninstall, see Remove. Install again, see Installation.   Disable If you want to temporarily disable this modification. Run Injector.exe. Press Restore Backup.   Remove In case you want to get rid of this mod completely. Beware, mod configuration files will be removed too. Back them up if you did change them (see Advanced section). Run UninstallMaterialColor.ps1 PowerShell script. Press "y" if you want to remove config files too.   Source This mod is now available open-source on GitHub: Source   More examples   Warranty I do not take any responsibility for broken saves, corrupted game or any other damage. Use this software at your own risk.   Advanced (partially outdated)   Donate Bitcoin PayPal I'm currently experiencing some issues with PayPal, please use BitCoin instead.
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