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Strange performance issues on Surface Book with Performance Dock

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Greetings Klei,

I recently got my hands on a brand new Microsoft Surface Book with a Performance Dock. The performance dock has a GTX 965M built in, where as the Surface itself has Intel HD Graphics.

When docked, Don't Starve (and Don't Starve Together) gets terrible, unplayable performance. The screen tears and there is severe input lag, even on the main menu you can scroll over the buttons and see very obvious delayed response time. But, the issue only creeps up 4-5 seconds after starting the game or tabbing back in. I can start a game, wander around a bit (with the terrible input lag and screen tearing), tab out, and tab back in and get perfect performance, but only for a few seconds, then it resumes having the same issues.

When either undocked, or explicitly told to use the Intel HD Graphics, I get great performance and the game is entirely playable.

Other games work fine on the laptop, giving me the performance I'd expect from a mid-range dedicated GPU. But Don't Starve seems to be struggling, and I'm unsure why. I've gone through "the usuals", rebooting, updating windows, reinstalling the game, and nothing seems to help.

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This is caused by graphic card going power safe mode. I recently fixed issue on Nvidia desktop, - I had this unplayable fps drops all the time, googled it for quite a while. Installing fps counter showed i had 30-35 fps during the "skip frame" phase, then back to 55-60 the rest of the time.

It was probably average tho, because the game looked like this: 1-2 times a second i had like 10 skipped frames stacking up, so i see 50 frames, then skip 10, the game looked very choppy. Then i hit this thread:

And it almost fixed my issue on nvidia gtx 660. instead of 50/10, i now only have 119/3-5 skipped frames every 2 seconds, it still feels not super smooth, but compared to what i had, its nearly super good. :) As for FPS, its now 55-60 all the time.


It should really be stickied :D

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